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MHR Staff Off-the-Snap: Tim Lynch

Mile High Report has an infusion of staff and readers following the merger with BroncoTalk, so we're publishing a quick bio of each staff member, new and old. We're also asking each staff member to talk about the favorite piece they've ever written in their Denver Broncos blogging career! Enjoy.

Tim Lynch

Name: Tim Lynch (Zappa)

Staffer: MHR 2007-2012; BT 2012-2013

Bio: I became a Bronco fan while living in southern Colorado from 84-87. I took my Broncomania to northern California where I suffered through the laughter and ridicule of Raider and 49er fans. Naturally, the Broncos won the Super Bowl a year after I graduated high school and moved to San Diego(my place of birth). I went ape when the Broncos won the Super Bowl along with millions of other Broncomaniacs. I now live in Sacramento with my wife and daughters and still ever obsessive about everything orange & blue.

I found MileHighReport 6 years ago while reading Andrew Mason's old blog. John Bena used to comment on those posts and I followed his signature to his blog. The connection opened up a whole world of Broncos fans I never knew existed, having grown up as the only Bronco fan anyone in the area knew. I spent the last year away getting to know the guys at BroncoTalk and I am certain they will fit in perfectly here.

Favorite Post: Diagnosing the problem: Stand pat Mr. Bowlen - This is my favorite post of all time...little did I know I'd be calling for Tebow anyway a few weeks later after a 59 pt beat down at home at the hands of the Raiders. 2010....uhg! Another favorite post of mine helped keep La La Land alive and well, along with 13-3 baby. I'm not even sure if Mike Clark is even around still, but he was the first official citizen of La La Land. It's funny how us fans latch onto the craziest things. A Bronco Fan's Guide to La La Land

Everything that was just said was actually kind of pointless, because, on Mile High Report, Tim Lynch is a man who needs no introduction. But we welcome him back anyway!