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Former Broncos Brandon Stokley, Tracy Porter visit NFL teams

Free agency is still alive and well -- and a necessary evil -- for former Broncos Brandon Stokley and Tracy Porter, who each visited NFL teams this week.

Dustin Bradford

The free agent market has cooled of late, but that hasn't stopped two former Denver Broncos from visiting NFL teams this week.

Wide receiver Brandon Stokley, effectively replaced when the Broncos signed Wes Welker a few weeks ago, visited with the Tennessee Titans on Tuesday, Jim Wyatt of the Nashville Tennesseean reported. [via PFT]

Stokley, 36, was "95 percent retired" last winter when Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos came calling; it's a pleasant surprise to see the veteran continue the pursuit of his NFL career outside of Peyton Manning's crosshairs.

Porter visits Raiders, Saints

Meanwhile, cornerback Tracy Porter has visited with two teams in the past week: the Oakland Raiders and the New Orleans Saints. Porter has a bit of history with each team: the Raiders pursued Porter as a free agent back in 2012, but it was the Broncos who signed him to a one-year, $4 million deal. The Saints drafted Porter in 2009.

Porter was kept out a large portion of 2012 -- his one year with the Broncos -- due to seizure symptoms and the emergence of Chris Harris.

But we all know Porter is Peyton Manning's Kryptonite -- he sealed Super Bowl XLIV for the Saints with his 74-yard interception of Manning for a touchdown. Watching the two square off in training camp, I could see Porter get a jump on Manning a couple of times.

Best of luck to both former Broncos, but do us all a favor, Tracy -- stay away from any team that could potentially face our Peyton Manning-led Denver Broncos the in the playoffs.