NEW TO MHR!!! Weekly Mailbag!!!

Hello MHR! I am happy to announce that MHR will be starting a new "mailbag series" here for all our members. Here are the details, guidelines and deadlines:

-Nothing is off limits in regards to football. Ask anything about the Denver Broncos, The NFL, scheme, x's and o's, anything.

-If you wanted to know something about the writers here, I suppose that would be fine too

-No limit for amount of questions

-If you spam my email with nonsense, I will ignore you and block you from my account.

-MHR Mailbag will be posted on Fridays at 9AM

-The deadline for sending questions is the Wednesday before that weeks mailbag. For example, if the mailbag is on Friday the 13th, the deadline for having your questions considered will be the afternoon of Wednesday the 11th.

-Readers are to email their questions to the following account:

-Readers may also tweet their questions to @Bronco_Mike251

Currently both myself and Tim Lynch will be answering your questions on a weekly basis. Each week we will have another staff member join in and we'll keep a rotation going.

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, let me know in the comments. Go Broncos!!!

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