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Retiring Kaptain Kirk's jersey

We bid a fond farewell to Kaptain Kirk, who has moved on from MHR.


Kaptain Kirk is the Rod Smith of Mile High Report.

Always hard-working, full of boundless quality, selfless, and willing to help both community and staff, "Kirk was the soul of MHR." I must have read that comment a dozen times in the six days I've been here, and I believe it. I met Kirk at Broncos training camp through John Bena, and the man permeates sincerity.

And, like Rod Smith, he permeates Broncos football.

With the recent changes to the MHR staff, Kirk has decided to move on to Bronco Planet, so we're spending a minute to give him his due. I'll leave it a few long-time MHRer's, who knew Kirk better than me.

Here's a snippet from MHR staffer Bronco Mike --

Kirk is a dear friend and someone who helped me everystep of the way on staff. The greatest thing about Kirk is he would go out of his way to help you out, whether that be digging up information for an article, suggesting ideas, brainstorming, he was always there to help out. I saw Kirk numerous times prioritize others' posts and content above his. He gave back to the Bronco community selflessly. All the swag contests that were put on during the season--all that stuff that was given away was on his dime. Kirk cared about nothing more than the fans and the community. His highest priority was serving Broncos Country. When I think of "teammate" and what it should mean, Kirk embodied all of it. MHR owes a lot of gratitude to the Kaptain, and I'll be the first to fire off a "Mile High Salute!" Cheers Mr. Davis, good luck at Bronco Planet and see you at Training Camp!

And here's one from MHR member OrangeRhino in the FanPosts --

I think I can honestly speak for many people here in saying you [Kirk] will be sorely missed and thank you. Thank you for all the countless hours you put into MHR. Thank you for your friendship even though many of us has never even met you face to face. Thank you for our daily cup of Orange and Blue those awesome Horse Tracks. I wish you health, happiness and success in whatever you do here on out. Thanks again Kap and I know we will be running into you from time to time.

One final comparison to #80 -- like Rod Smith and his ongoing relationship with the Denver Broncos -- Kirk will always be welcome at Mile High Report.

A Mile High Salute and fond farewell to Kirk, see you in the comments!