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The Page has Turned: New MHR Staff

Finishing up our "Turning the Page" series with a summary of the MHR Staff, new and old.

Out with the old, in with the orange and blue! I'm thrilled to finish introducing the new Mile High Report staff to you all. Click a name for more info on any given author --


Free Agents (familiar faces)


I can assure you that the entire MHR Staff, new and old, is committed to not only maintaining, but growing this fantastic Denver Broncos community. This is a place to talk Broncos football.

We are sad to see Kaptain Kirk go, along with Colby and Zach Eckels. Both Colby and Zach left for similar reasons -- time constraints and life outside of MHR catching up to them, and with the recent changes, deciding it was a good time to take a break. Please give them a fond farewell in the comments.


Whew, now that site stuff is done, let's talk some Broncos football, shall we?