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What Should The Denver Broncos Do At Receiver?

The Broncos have a large need at wide receiver at least in my opinion.

Dustin Bradford

The Broncos are coming off a season where they had two 1000+ yard receivers and two more over 500+ yards. The Broncos receivers had very solid seasons.

Eric Decker and Demaryius Thomas had career seasons like everyone expected with Peyton Manning throwing the passes.

However, I still believe that the Broncos have a major need at wide receiver.

In 2014, the Broncos will have Eric Decker as a free agent and a year later, Thomas will also be a free agent. Both players, especially after the 2013 I expect both of them to have, will be looking for solid pay days. I do not want to get too far ahead of myself, but it is something the team has to think about.

The 2012 edition of the Broncos did not have a lot of depth at receiver. The team was very lucky they did run into injuries at the position to the two big dogs because without them, the position is pretty thin. Andre Caldwell was almost non-existent, Brandon Stokley was a huge surprise in productivity and I hope he is back, but he probably has one year, two at the most left in him. Matthew Willis will be a free agent and was hardly a factor for the Broncos.

I think the Broncos should seriously consider a wide receiver in the first three rounds that could be a good slot player to mold into the Stokley role. There were times that Tamme was able to play that role but they need a pure wide receiver for that spot. What makes Green Bay's offense so deadly is the fact that they had so much depth that no one noticed hardly when Jordy Nelson or Greg Jennings went down.

Speaking of Greg Jennings, there are a number of free agent receivers available that could be options in the Broncos "championship window."

Greg Jennings has had a tendency to get injured lately but he is only 29 and when he is around, one of the leagues premier receivers. He has 26 touchdowns in his last 37 games over the last 3 seasons combined. He would command some money but the Broncos have the room to do it.

Speaking of slot receiver from earlier, Wes Welker is an option. He seems to be a fail safe for the Patriots and a killer whenever I root against the Pats, however, there are still discussions that he may sign a long-term deal with the Patriots.

Danny Amendola, the Rams free agent slot WR is available and he is only 27. He is a great sure handed receiver but is very injury prone. I don't like to avoid someone though based on a chance he could get injured so if the price is right, go for it.

There are many options out there, for the team including multiple players in the draft. My point is, keep an eye out on the position because it is something that I think is a larger need than what is being discussed.

Do you have any concerns about the receiver position?