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Denver Broncos Rumor Control: That’s Not What the Cook Said

Today's Good, Bad, Ugly and Funny

Jeff Gross

The Twitterverse has been abuzz with rumors this morning and some of them are a little too ridiculous to believe. so let's discuss what's going on, because it seems to me that the notorious cook at Dove Valley has been unusually silent and some media types have been letting their imagination run away with them.

I never would have saw that coming in a million years.

Former Denver Post beat writer Lindsay Jones has talked with Brandon Stokley.

It's kind of a no-brainer (bad pun unintended) for the Broncos to retain Stokes for another season. Last year was Brandon's best season in the last 4 and he has a Cap friendly value, especially on a 1-year deal.

Josina Anderson spoke with cornerback Tracy Porter about his health and immediate future

On his future in Denver:

"As of right now I am expecting to hit free agency. I don't know what [the Denver Broncos] want. They haven't talk to my agent. My agent hasn't told me anything that they said. If they want me we can get things worked out. That's a possibility. But given the situation last year I would say I highly doubt they would be interested in keeping me. That's what it seems like right now. They seem to be set on the guys they were playing with last year. I just kind of got lost in the shuffle. I mean that's the nature of the business. So, I just have to see what else is out there. Whether [the Broncos] try to offer something just to say they offered, or whether I end up somewhere else, I'll be on the field next season. That's not something that I am worried about. But where and what team, that I don't know."

On if he's had a seizure since August & his health now:

"No, that was a one-time deal that happened. I don't know if it was the altitude or the medication, but I'm fine now. I have been fine since November."

Vic Lombardi tells us that the Broncos are talking with Elvis Dumervil.

Now that sounds reasonable, but when someone like Jason La Canfora on his own "Verified Account" says something like this, I'm going to lose it.

Here is my reply to him:

First of all, the Broncos absolutely will not pursue Darrelle Revis. No way, no how. Yes he is a very good player, but he it makes no sense to upset the Broncos Salary structure any further than it already is. Thus the reason for wanting to restructure Doom's contract.

It is utter hogwash to even state that Denver would release Elvis. I don't even think Bill "Porkchop" Williamson is dumb enough to say something like that.

One thing's for sure, the Cook didn't say it, so it can't be true.

When the current news is "there is no news" right now, all things considered, we must revert back to offseason Rule #1, which states: "Never trust a rumor in February."

Go Broncos!

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