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BREAKING: Raiders trade for QB Matt Flynn

The Oakland Raiders have completed a trade for QB Matt Flynn


There's a new victim for Von Miller to welcome into the AFC West.

The Oakland Raiders have completed a trade for Seattle Seahawks QB Matt Flynn, Jay Glazer reports. The trade will cost them no draft picks this year --

Flynn is an unknown commodity, a potentially good move by Oakland. The trade compensation is much less than the bounty the Raiders gave the Cincinnati Bengals for Carson Palmer less than two seasons ago. Someone in the Raiders front office has learned a thing or two.

Palmer, meanwhile, is on his way out. Flynn is expected to compete with QB Terrelle Pryor in Oakland for the starting quarterback job once a trade for Palmer is complete.

Allow me to be the first to apologize to Flynn and clarify -- no, this is not an April Fools joke. Welcome to Oakland. Von Miller can't wait to meet you.