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Potent Quotables: DT, Manning, and Champ speak after first voluntary workouts

This trio dishes on a variety of topics

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Demaryius Thomas

On the invoice:

"2nd day after the 1st workout we planted it when Eric wasn't around"

Was it your idea or Peyton's?

"Peyton's, it was all Peyton...I probably would have took it a little more serious than Decker...He was shocked...he was looking at me gave me an eye...googly eyes, he didn't know-he didn't know what to do cause he thought the whole trip was free we just coming to throw and catch, but he got a little invoice so he was a little shocked."

On working with Peyton:

"You know I think it was good...we get out there, start with Peyton early, try to get some timing down before we get back into the things... I think it was a good start for us"

On worrying about seeing less targets with Wes Welker:

"I ain't gonna say concerned, you know I knew when he was coming in I knew I would get a lot more one on one coverage so, you know I was kind of excited actually. Because with that guy, I got Decker, I got two great tight ends so it's gonna be hard to double team someone so I think it's gonna help me out and help the team out as a whole."

On Adam Gase and the offense being more aggressive this year:

"I think so, you know we had to go at a certain pace last year because of new offense, new players, and I think if we get the timing down and the offense speed up it's gonna be hard for guys to stop us so if we get that down well we'll be a pretty good offense."

On the progress of Peyton Manning's arm strength and timing:

"I think he's got a little stronger, but I can't really say because, you know, it's the first time playing with a QB like Peyton. It was fun this past year because I never had balls come at me like that-on time and stuff like that, but I can't say much about the strength of his arm because I never really played with him years before he got hurt...I think it's (timing) similar to where we left off at the end of last season."

On working out with other star receivers:

"It was me Calvin Johnson, A.J. Green, Andre Caldwell came, I think it's just all we were doin was competin' and tryin to make each other better."

Champ Bailey

On the Ravens loss:

"I can tell you the older I get it doesn't get any easier to deal with-losses like that. But I still have to approach it the same way because I can't let that one affect me goin' forward, and if I let that happen we'll end up in that same place again."

"It sucks don't get me wrong...but if we won I look at it the same way-where'd I mess up, what I could have done better, little things like that-I'm always looking at tape the same way...It does hurt that you lose your last game but you can't let it affect you going forward."

On Dumervil leaving/replacing him:

"It sucks, that was a prime example of how this business works and being in Elvis' shoes I kinda understood where he came from as far as wanting to sign somewhere else-you really don't know, you gotta take care of yourself, I respect his decision, I wish we could have found a way to keep him on, it just didn't work out that way."

"We didn't have a lot of players like we do now, but you still can't--There's nobody else like Elvis I mean he's one of our captains so we lose one of our leaders."

On getting old:

"I'm blessed man, trust me. Every player in that locker room wishes they can stand here and say hey I'm 35 years old. When my time runs out I'll run away from it, but until then I'm gonna still be here."

On the Broncos drafting a CB:

"That's fine, I don't really look at that any kinda way, I see what players they draft-how can they help us plain and simple. Every guy is lookin' to be replaced at some point and I've been looked at that way for the past 6-7 years so it doesn't affect me one bit."

On DRC and Welker:

"We got another good player-the guy's a special talent so I look for him to do good things here"

"Chris Harris got his hands full with that-yeah that's his problem"

On defensive accomplishments last season/getting burned in the playoffs:

"All of our goals are not met, as a matter of fact we only met one of our goals"

"Those plays don't define me, but at the same time I can't let that happen, especially at 35"

Peyton Manning

On the Offseason:

"They're (coaches) allowed to give you a workout, they can't work with you but they're allowed to give you a workout, still was able to get good training in and I started throwing the past two weeks, had good workouts last week down in North Carolina."

On continuing the recovery process:

"I'm not sure, you have a comparison to last year, and a comparison to before the surgery...I don't really bring it up a lot, I'm not sure if I'll ever get back or I hope I can get back to where I was before the surgery whether that is possible or not like I told someone, I'm probably never gonna know the answer to that until I stop playing...I absolutely have made some improvements since last year."

On losing Stokley and gaining Welker:

"I hope that's not necessarily a closed door discussion, last year we added guys after the draft...It's well documented how I feel about Brandon as a player and as afriend and the kind of season he has last year I certainly would love to play with him again this year...we're glad to add outstanding players to our team."

On Welker's impact:

"He's been great in NE, he's been great in the redzone, you've seen him catch a lot of TD's from Tom, and the two of them have had great timing and that developed over time as well...I don't think you can just say hey we're gonna have that right away, that's gonna take time. Every repetition with him will be important. He's got unbelievable quickness, he's excellent with the balls in his hands, with those little screen passes you've seen him getting upfield quickly, and I've always felt he has a nose for the endzone."

On Caldwell not going to Duke:

"It wasn't a passing camp, we were down there to work out, we were invited by Coach Cutcliff who agreed he'd host me and Eli and some receivers, he said three guys is the most we can handle here so I brought my three star receivers. I look forward to working with all the receivers...I'm excited to see Bubba's competitive attitude there and I hope he turns that into a productive offseason and hope he can be a productive player for us this year."

On the development of Decker and Thomas:

"I'll be long out of eligibility by the time I think these guys really hit the peak of their careers because they're both young players, but I'm enjoying working with them and seeing them develop."

On Adam Gase and his knowledge of Wes Welker/having different weapons

"I do think that Adam Gase is going to have some real good knowledge of the offense that Wes Welker ran in NE because of Adam's relationship with Josh McDaniels when they were here together so he'll know some of those plays that Wes ran I think Adam will make Wes feel comfortable in that never know who's day that it might be but it's nice to have a number of weapons that it could be any of em's day on that particular Sunday. Everyone wants the ball every single play-those are the guys I want to play with...I don't consider it selfish"

On 2012:

"Last year for me I certainly had it in perspective that being out of football for 2011 season and not really knowing what the future held not knowing whether or not if I was going to play again, I've certainly had a great appreciation for 2012 and being back out on the field playing with my new teammates it was a new atmosphere for me totally different culture and a huge transition, but I did not take it for granted one single moment being out there on the field."

There you have it Broncos Country, lots of good stuff to interpret and discuss, cheers!