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Denver Broncos 2013 schedule to be released Thursday April 18

Update: The Broncos 2013 schedule has been released.

The announcement of the 2013 NFL schedule, expected on Tuesday, April 16, has been delayed to Thursday, April 18,

Justin Edmonds

UPDATE: Just after publishing this post, the new schedule announcement date was announced. Edited accordingly.

No holiday just yet, Broncos fans.

We cited a report several weeks ago that the NFL was expected to release its 2013 schedule on Tuesday, April 16. At the time, we talked about how the NFL schedule release day is one of the offseason's regular holidays for die-hard fans -- the first day of free agency, the first round of the Draft, first day of training camp -- they all might as well be Christmas for football fanatics like us.

Well, it looks like Santa's sleigh got lost somewhere over Baltimore.

But only for a couple of days.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello tweeted today that the 2013 NFL Schedule will be announced Thursday, April 18, at 8pm ET.

The biggest challenge for schedule-makers this year has been figuring out the season opener for the Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens. A myriad of scheduling issues involving the city's Major League Baseball counterpart has the Ravens opening on the road this year.

Maybe, even in Denver. That could make up for Santa's sidetrack.