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Create a Caption: Man-love edition

Write a Caption!

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

This week's version will feature our very own pro bowl G Zane Beadles!

Last Week:


Winner: KRONK-00

"I don't even need to look, and I can point to people better than we are!"

Runners up:


So you are curious what a winner looks like?

For those of you you wondering what a winner looks like…. Look over there. That’s an empty seat. The person who chose to leave that set empty is a winner and the luckiest guy ever because they don’t have to see such a sorry group of men in front of them like I’m stuck with


"To the bottom of the division....CHARGE!!!"

Bronco Mike

Allen: Send your mailbag questions to Bronco Mike ( @Bronco_Mike251) he’s right over there!

Shameless plugs aside--keep sending in those questions for mailbag!

As far as the rules for "Create a Caption?" Keep it relatively clean, submit as many as you want, "rec" the ones you like, and most importantly HAVE FUN!!!