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Who does Mel Kiper have the Broncos taking in his lastest Mock Draft?

With the NFL Draft a week away, who does ESPN's Draft guru have the Broncos taking?

Melina Vastola-US PRESSWIRE

ESPNs Mel Kiper recently released a three round NFL Mock Draft. Who does ESPNs Draft guru have the Broncos taking?

Rd. 1 (28) CB Xavier Rhodes, Florida St.

My Take: I think this would be a solid selection. I thought Rhodes would be a top 15 pick, but if he falls all the way to 28, i would be very excited. Rhodes is a 6'2 210lb Corner and would give the Broncos great depth at the corner back position. Rhodes with give the Broncos a potential replacement for Champ Bailey.

Rd. 2 (58) DE Damontre Moore, Texas A&M

My Take: This would a steal at this point. Damontre Moore was considered a top 5-10 pick before the NFL Combine. His stock is free falling after some poor workouts. However the tape doesn't lie. Moore is an electric pass rusher and would reunite with former teammate and stud pass rusher Von Miller. Hopefully Von would take Moore under his wing and give the Broncos a young electric pass rush for many years to come.

Rd. 3 (90) OL Barrett Jones, Alabama

My Take: I'm not a fan of this pick to be honest. At best i believe he would just give the Broncos a versatile linemen who can play anywhere. While that is very valuable, i do not like spending a third round pick on that type of guy. I would have liked to see Kiper mock a Running Back, Wide Receiver, Safety, Linebacker or Defensive Tackle here.

Overall Take:

I would grade this draft a solid B. The Broncos got solid value and talent in the first two rounds. Both Rhodes and Moore would give the Broncos two young studs for the future on defense. The Jones pick is what keeps it from being an A for me. I believe the Broncos have bigger needs elsewhere and could improve them in the third round. What grade would you give Kipers mock draft?

Go Broncos!