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Willis McGahee: I've got five more years

Willis McGahee, to the Broncos and the world: Don't count me out just yet.

Doug Pensinger

While the Denver Broncos are heavily rumored to be interested in taking a running back early in this year's draft, Willis McGahee isn't losing focus.

From McGahee's interview on 102.3 ESPN in Denver --

How confident are you that the Broncos believe in you to be their go-to running back?:

“Every day you’ve got to reinvent yourself, they say. The older you get, the more of a step you lose, so regardless of the situation, I’m going to have to reinvent myself and go out there and show the world — not just the Broncos, but the world — that I can still play this game. I think that’s the mentality I have. I don’t think nobody’s going to tell me when I’m done playing. I’ll make that decision for myself.”

But do you still feel you’re a part of this team’s plans?:

“I’m still a part of the team’s plans, but at the end of the day anything can happen. Regardless if I’m healthy or not, I can’t control that. That’s something that the team has to evaluate. I’ve been in the business a long time and I’ve seen how it goes, so it’s nothing new.”

How many more years do you think you can play?:

“I’ve got five more, and that’s it for me. Five more.”

Like everyone else, we loved McGahee following his 1,200-yard 2011 season, but an MCL injury doesn't bode well for a 31-year-old running back bouncing from team to team. This is a make-or-break year for McGahee as a Bronco and as an NFL player.

"Every day you've got to reinvent yourself." At least he's aware of his situation.