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2013 NFL Draft: Elway Speaks

Monday marked John Elway's draft themed press conference. I've transcribed the words from the Duke himself. Included here is his take on a variety of issues concerning the Denver Broncos and their thoughts and strategy when approaching the draft.

Justin Edmonds

On trading up or down in the draft:

I think we're open to anything and that's really where we're gonna go...again this is always so's expesive to go up but that's not saying we wouldn't take a chance if there's somebody there to be able to go up to so I think you look at the depth of this draft and there's a lot of good football players in this I stand here now we'll get a good football player at #28 and that's our plan right now...we'll see how things go from here through the rest of the week.

On using a draft value chart:

It's more feel, there's so many different charts out there now you never know who's dealing with what's a matter of you gotta go with what your gut what you feel is right, what's fair with where you are.

On Defensive End:

I feel pretty good about it, I think that Robert Ayers had a good year last year was coming on and he's the starter there at RDE right now so we have the faith that he's going to come in and have a good year...defensive line we feel like we're in pretty good shape.

There's a lot of good football players there, it's a matter of what kind of a flavor you that gonna be the BPA that we think is going to have the biggest impact on our football team? If there's a DE there that we think fits that mold then we'll pick one at 28, if not we'll try to find the best football player. Philosophy in the 1st round, we want to find guys that are going to be 10 year guys, that are going to be good football players for the Denver Broncos for a long time...that's why it's so important-we can't make mistakes with that 1st round pick.

On impact players, drafting at #28:

Since I've been doing this in the last 3 years, there has not been 32 first round grades-if you understand what I'm saying. You look at 20, 21, 22, 23 first round grades are probably given out every year so when you get past that point then you're looking at 2nd rounders...those guys are going to have impact on you also just not the 1st round grades...whether the depth of the draft is going to determine what you do there at 28 where we are...we also think with this year's draft as I've said we don't look at it as there's a ton of the impact guys, but there is a lot of depth to it and there's a lot of real good football players...that's what we feel at 28 we'll be able to get a pretty darn good football player.

On having a big RB:

With McGahee he's that big back for us right now...with Ronnie Hillman he's that 190 lber that change of pace type guy, so we look at Willis as being that guy who's gonna be that big back for us right now and then we'll see what happens in the draft.

On character concerns:

They're 21-22 year old kids, none of them are going to be perfect. It comes down to what you feel like and what's the best package. My philosophy has always been as long as our core group in the locker room is strong enough everyone else is going to have to fall in's real important to have a real good core group of guys in that locker room.

On creating their own mocks:

We do, even though you're not going to be able to figure out every scenario going in, because there's always so many differences in opinion and it's always going to be so fluid that for me it's very important to get there, go through a mock, and then at #28 see the four guys that we're comparing and see who would we take out of these four guys and so all of a sudden if these four guys are there we've already made that decision and been through that process before. I like doing em, and we're going to do several of them the next 2-3 days so we can try to get to those scenarios and also get to scenarios-we're trading up, we're trading down...its like practice, the mocks are nothing but practice."

How would Elway the VP handle Elway the player?

I was thinking about that and the thing is Elway the GM would have had a much better football organization than the one that Elway the player would have been stepping into so, that's why I don't think that will ever happen with us (wink).

Some interesting stuff here. Considering the fact that Elway stated there's never been more than 20-24 first round grades in the drafts he's been a part of, getting a 4th from the Pats for trading back makes a little more sense. In essence beyond those 24, the 2nd round begins. Seeing how Washington was willing to give up a third round pick to move up one spot with Denver in 2009 (the famed exchange where McDaniels refused and told them Orakpo would still be there), it seems less like the Broncos got shafted.

I've seen a lot of need v. BPA debate throughout my time as a fan and one thing I keep thinking this year--what about best position available? This years draft is short on QB's and skill players but heavy on both lines and in the secondary. How about an approach to nail guys from those deep position groups early and often? Just another thought to ponder;)

I don't know about you Broncos Country, but I can't wait for Thursday!