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2013 NFL Draft: What are Broncos looking to improve?

Taking a look at the Broncos roster I will break down the depth chart and look at areas to improve. Identifying needs will be a combination of finding weak links in the roster and weighing those position groups against others of need. Ultimately--where do I think the Broncos will improve on draft day? Click on each position group to view a more in-depth article written by me or Scotty Payne!




Peyton Manning, Brock Osweiler

Broncos can fill out the #3 and #4 spots with a cheap vet and UDFA rookie. There is absolutely no need to draft anyone from this weak QB class. I would prefer seeing the Broncos only take two QB's to the active roster during the season.

To be improved: None

Should the Broncos draft a QB? No


Knowshon Moreno, Willis McGahee, Ronnie Hillman, Jacob Hester, Lance Ball, Jeremiah Johnson, Mario Fannin

Both starters are injury prone. McGahee is entering the twilight of his career. Lance Ball is depth, Hillman s scatback, and Hester a 3rd down guy that can flex to FB and play ST. Johnson and Fannin are camp bodies and nothing more. With the uncertainty at this position, Broncos would do themselves well to draft someone. If that happens, we will see the Broncos take 4 on the active roster. Would be some combination of Draftee, McGahee, Moreno, Hillman, and Hester.

To be improved: Moreno or McGahee

Should the Broncos draft a RB? Yes

What round? 2nd or 3rd


Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker, Wes Welker, Andre Caldwell, Trindon Holliday

We have the best starting 3 in the NFL. Problem is after that we don't have much depth and we have to look forward to the next couple of offseasons when the big three will all become free agents. Broncos could draft a mid round prospect to stash, not necessarily an imminent need though.

To be improved: None

Should the Broncos draft a WR? Not necessarily


Jacob Tamme, Joel Dreessen, Virgil Green, Julius Thomas

There is absolutely no need to draft anyone at this position. The Broncos could take a flyer on some freak project guy later on but Green and Thomas already fill that description.

To be improved: None

Should the Broncos draft a TE? No

Offensive Line:

Ryan Clady, Zane Beadles, J.D. Walton, Louis Vasquez, Orlando Franklin, Chris Kuper, Manny Ramirez, Chris Clark, Phillip Blake

We have plenty of depth on the interior. Chris Kuper can be stashed on the PUP list to delay any roster decision on him. The Broncos do have a need for a swing Tackle that can supplant Chris Clark as the 3rd T. This can be done in the middle rounds.

To be improved: Chris Clark

Should the Broncos draft an offensive lineman? Yes

What round? 4th or 5th

Breakdown: On offense, Broncos could look to add depth at WR and along the O-line with a swing Tackle prospect. RB is the only pressing need on this side of the ball.



Sealver Siliga, Mitch Unrein, Kevin Vickerson, Terrance Knighton

With the flexibility of other players on the defensive line to flex into situational roles, a deep rotation isn't necessary. However, with a deep draft along both the offensive and defensive line, the Broncos should probably take a DT prospect.

To be improved: Sealver Siliga

Should the Broncos draft a DT? Perhaps

What round? 2nd or 3rd


Derek Wolfe, Malik Jackson, Robert Ayers, Jeremy Beal

Drafting one initially as a situational pass rusher would be the best bet. Look for the Broncos to add someone at this position early in the draft.

To be improved: Jeremy Beal/Robert Ayers (in pass rush)

Should the Broncos draft a DE? Yes

What round? 1st, 2nd, or 3rd


Von Miller, Nate Irving, Wesley Woodyard, Danny Trevathan, Steven Johnson, Joe Mays, Steward Bradley

To draft a Mike, or not to...that is the question. I think we are pretty set otherwise, although a personal favorite of mine is Sio Moore. It is my belief that a three down Mike is less important on this roster because in passing situations that would mean taking Wesley Woodyard off the field. IF however the Broncos don't address DE and instead add another LB, they could be in position to play more 3-4 looks this next season. Hard for me to guage, my gut tells me no however.

To be improved: Joe Mays

Should the Broncos draft a LB? Not necessarily


Champ Bailey, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Chris Harris, Omar Bolden, Tony Carter

Champ isn't getting any younger and DRC is on a one year "prove me" contract. Still, this would be more of a luxury pick to me. sitting at four deep with Tony Carter is a good position to be in. Not an imminent need here.

To be improved: Tony Carter/Omar Bolden

Should the Broncos draft a CB? Not necessarily


Mike Adams, Rahim Moore, Quinton Carter, David Bruton

There is a need here. Mike Adams was asked to cover more than usual and he failed. Rahim Moore playoff gaffe aside, though he showed improvement, I'm still not completely sold on him in coverage. After that there is uncertainty with Carter so I would say this is a definite position of need.

To be improved: Mike Adams

Should the Broncos draft a Safety? Yes

If they do what rounds? 1st or 2nd

Breakdown: Broncos have big needs along the defensive line at both DT/DE, and at safety. I do not foresee MLB as a huge need but it really all depends on what the Broncos want to do to replace Dumervil's production.

Positions that need starters/immediate impact:

RB, DE, S (could be remedied by Quinton Carter)

Positions that need quality depth:

Offensive Tackle, DT, LB

Positions that would be luxury picks:


Positions that shouldn't be drafted at all:


Overall, I see the Broncos going defensive heavy with at least two of their first three picks. I expect RB to be addressed somewhere in that range as well. With depth at other positions and intriguing prospects that fall, as always look for Broncos to take some chances on guys with possible red flags due to injury or other concerns from round 4 on.

What say you Broncos Country--do you agree?