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MHR Radio returns! Broncos 2013 Draft Preview

It's the return of MHR Radio, the best Denver Broncos podcast -- IN THE UNIVERSE!

MHR Radio makes its triumphant return!

You have been asking for it, and we are here to deliver! Mile High Report's Denver Broncos podcast MHR Radio is available to stream below. Subscribe to MHR Radio.

On the podcast

Host Kyle Montgomery - @MileHighReport
Guest Ian Henson - @theorangepage
Draft Expert Christopher D. Hart - @topherhart
Producer/Technical - Danh Hoang - @asianorange

In This Episode

2013 Broncos Draft - Round One - Greatest positions of need. We talk defensive end, middle linebackers, cornerbacks.

2013 Schedule - We break down the Denver Broncos 2013 schedule game-by-game.

2013 Broncos Draft - Running Backs and other positions, Rounds 2-7 - Which running backs should the Broncos target in the mid rounds of the draft? What late-round gems should we be keeping an eye on?

Long-time fans of MHR Radio know that it is usually a live show, interacting with fans via chat, and while we're eager to return to that format as well, this debut episode is pre-recorded. It will likely be a mix of recorded and live episodes moving forward, and we'll always be playing with the format.

We hope you enjoy! Go Broncos!!