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2013 Draft Grades: Sylvester Williams around the web

The Broncos drafted Sylvester Williams---here are some early grades and thoughts on the Denver Broncos selecting Sylvester Williams from various pundits around the web.

Geoff Burke


Of course, we won't know for a couple years how this pick really panned out. But it is still fun to speculate with the information we have in front of us. I'll include the breakdown from the pundits and grade (when given) as well as my take. Since I'm a teacher--I'll even have a little fun with it and include an overall GPA.






My take

SB Nation

Dan Kadar



"Williams is a hard worker, which the Broncos value. The grade isn't higher because he's not much of a pass rusher. It was something of a surprise that the Broncos didn't take a pass rusher in the first round."

Seems like this assessment is based purely on stats, if you've seen film on this guy, he has a great first step and is definitely the interior pass rusher the Broncos lack. Broncos get dinged a little bit because it wasn't a DE.

Star Ledger

Tom Layberger



"With Elvis Dumervil having departed, the defensive line became a position of need. Williams may not be at the elite level of some of the other tackles that were selected earlier in the round, but he is quick and can wreak plenty of havoc on an opposing offensive line."

It is nice to see an understanding that pass rush can be generated from the inside as well as from the edge.

Chris Burke



"Williams was right in the mix with the top DTs in this draft, perhaps a step below Sharrif Floyd, Star Lotulelei or Sheldon Richardson, but certainly atop the second teir. The North Carolina product is a bit more raw than Floyd or Logulelei at this point"

I've stated that if he was healthy Williams would have been a top 10 talent with Star and Floyd, Burke seems to back that up to an extent.

Rob Rang



"Williams' quickness and overall athleticism stunned talent evaluators who watched him at the UNC Pro Day, and he's certainly flashed talent for the Tar Heels. His motor, however, was too inconsistent for many."

Do people understand this guy played hurt last year?

Bleacher Report

Ethan Grant





Walter Football

Walter Football



"It was either Sylvester Williams or Tank Carradine here for the Broncos, and Williams was discussed as highly as 18 to the Cowboys. Denver didn't have an interior pass rush, so Williams definitely helps in that area."

Yes! We have an understanding that pass rush can come from the middle.


Todd McShay/Bill Williamson



"That is a steal in the first round" -McShay "The Williams choice was typical of the John Elway regime. The Broncos took the best defensive player on the board." -Williamson

We heard the Broncos had the opportunity to move back but ultimately decided to stay when Sly fell. Fox said it was BPA by position of need.

My Take

Folks that tended to grade this pick lower either dinged the Broncos because of a perceived lack of attention to a pass rusher. This is laziness folks. People assume that the Broncos should have replaced the loss of Dumervil with a DE. DE might still be a need, and the Broncos could still very well add an edge pass rusher, but the fact that the pass rush can come from the middle was lost on some. Other reasons this pick was downgraded was because of a perceived lack of effort at times from Williams. He played hurt last season. Bum ankle took away some of his explosiveness. Still managed to put up some decent sack numbers as an interior pass rusher.

Some rational reasons why the pick was downgraded include the fact that Sly is still a bit unpolished. He has a late start to football and still needs to refine his technique. Guess what though? Fox and Del Rio have gotten the max out of guys like Bunkley, Vickerson, Unrein, and Bannen. These guys aren't exactly overflowing with talent. Excited to see what they can do with Sly and his immense upside.

Overall GPA: 3.28 B

What's your grade Broncos Country?