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Broncos DE Quanterus Smith will be available for Training Camp

Smith who suffered an ACL tear to end a very productive and promising 2012 campaign should be fully healed and able to participate by the time TC roles around.

This is very good news for the Broncos who can now easy Smith into the rotation as a pass rusher at RDE. Quanterus finished with an impressive 12.5 sacks including 3 against National Champion Alabama and SD Charger draft pick DJ Fluker. Smith was Western Kentucky University's first draft pick since 2003. His reaction upon receiving the draft call from the Broncos? "When I got the call, it was overwhelming when they told me they wanted to get me....It was a great feeling...I guess I'll have to go tomorrow and get some Denver Broncos hats and stuff." As far as where he was drafted, Smith admitted his injury made him slide "It is what it is....But I think in my eyes, I could have been a first or second round player."

Todd McShay projects big things for this pass rusher "He was the most interesting player left on the board coming into Saturday" because of what he did against this team, Alabama....If he continues to develop, you may have a big time steal in the fifth round." Source

Look for Q-branch (my nickname for the new Bronco) to get reps exclusively as a pass rush specialist. He's still very raw and a sieve against the run, but he sure knows how to get to the QB. GO Broncos!!!