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2013 NFL Draft: AFC West Draft Review

How did our rivals fair in the draft?

Al Bello

Kansas City Chiefs

1(1): Eric Fisher, OT 6'7 306lbs

3(63): Travis Kelce, TE 6'5 255lbs

With Von Miller in your division you need solid tackles, and the Chiefs drafted a very good one.

3(96): Knile Davis, 5'10 227lbs

4(99): Nico Johnson, LB 6'2 248lbs

5(134): Sanders Commings, CB 6'0 216lbs

6(170): Eric Kush, C 6'4 305lbs

6(204): Braden Wilson, FB 6'3 251lbs

7(207): Mike Catapano, DE 6'3 271lbs

My Take:

I would have gone with Eric Fisher over Joeckel myself. Both are solid prospects, but Fisher has that mean streak in him that you want out of your Offensive Linemen. It does look like Left Tackle Branden Albert is staying put for now. If they do indeed trade him, Fisher will be their starting Left tackle. If they keep Albert, he'll move to the right side. With Von Miller in your division you need solid tackles, and the Chiefs drafted a very good one.

After that I'm not too excited with the rest of their draft. Is Kelce better then Anthony Fasano and Tony Moeaki? Also Kelces off the field issues could be a problem in the future. Knile Davis in the third round was a huge reach. I was not a big fan of his in this draft, and Davis had a fumbling issue. Not a fan

Nico Johnson was a good pick. Could challenge for a starting spot next to Derrick Johnson. Commings was solid value as well.

Kush adds OL depth, and Wilson is a solid FB prospect. I like Catapano as a prospect, just not sure where he fits. Good value though.

Overall Grade: C+

Oakland Raiders

1(12): D.J Hayden, CB 5'11 191lbs

2(42): Menelik Watson, OT 6'5 310lbs

3(66): Sio Moore, LB 6'1 245lbs

4(112): Tyler Wilson, QB, 6'2 215lbs

6(172): Nick Kasa, TE 6'6 269lbs

6(181): Latavius Murray, RB 6'2 223lbs

6(184): Mychal Rivera, TE 6'3 242lbs

6(205): Stacy McGee, DT 6'3 308lbs

7(209): Brice Butler, WR 6'3 205lbs

7(233): David Bass, DE 6'4 262lbs

My Take:

I hate to say It, but I really liked the Raiders draft. They picked up a lot of talented players. First round pick D.J Hayden is very talented, but a big medical risk i believe. I believe they should have gone pass rusher or added to the defensive line. Players like Star Lotulelei and Sharrif Floyd were available. If they stayed at 3, they could have added Dion Jordan as as well. Just the way i would have went, but still not a bad pick.

Menelik Watson was a solid addition. The Raiders have a need at the tackle spot, and they added the very raw, but athletic Watson. He probably plays Right Tackle right now, but can shift the blind side potentially in the future. Solid for them. My favorite pick for them though is Sio Moore. A very versatile linebacker who can rush the passer. A steal in the third round I believe.

The Raiders added QB Tyler Wilson in the 4th round to compete with Matt Flynn and Pryor. I do like Wilson, and he does fit their offensive scheme very well. I'm not sure if he can develop into a starter, but I believe he can be a very solid backup for them at the very least.

Tight end Nick Kasa was another very solid pick for them. He could very well start for the Raiders week 1. Murray is a bigger back who figures to see some playing time. McFadden is always dinged up, and Murray could surpass Rashard Jennings on the depth chart. Rivera will serve as the move tight end for the Raiders. They took Kasa in the same round, but he figures to be the more traditional tight end. Both figure to see playing time for the Raiders. The Raiders finally took a DT in the 6th round. McGee may crack the roster because of the Raiders lack of talent at the position.

Brice Butler is a Al Davis special. Was a workout warrior at the combine, but is a good value in the 7th round. Could crack the roster. David Bass is a very solid 7th round pick. A developmental guy who could turn into a solid rotational pass rusher.

Overall Grade: A-

San Diego Chargers

1(11): D.J. Fluker, OT 6'5 339lbs

2(38): Manti Te'o, MLB 6'1 241lbs

3(76): Keenan Allen, WR 6'2 206lbs

5(145): Steve Williams, CB 5'9 191lbs

6(179): Tourek Williams, DE 6'3 260lbs

7(221): Brad Sorensen, QB 6'4 229lbs

My Take:

The big question for me when it comes to Fluker is what tackle spot he plays. If he plays Right Tackle, it's a great pick, if he plays Left Tackle, I don't like this pick at all. Now getting a Right Tackle this early is a bit of a reach if you ask me. Especially looking at the players on the defensive side of the ball who were still available. I understand they need to protect Philip Rivers though, so I believe they reached for a need.

Manti Te'o was selected by the Chargers. With Manti comes the distractions, the media attention and constantly being asked about said player. Manti is a good football player, I just question if the locker room can handle the media attention they're going to face. Keenan Allen was very good value here. Allen was considered the top receiving prospect before the combine. A slow 40 time and injuries really hurt his stock, but the Chargers got a helluva prospect here in the third round.

Steve Williams added some depth to their secondary, Williams gives the Chargers depth at rush linebacker after losing Phillips to the Broncos, and Sorensen gives McCoy a developmental guy to work with.

Overall Grade: B