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2013 NFL Power Rankings Countdown: #28 Buffalo Bills

Tom Szczerbowski

It appears a lot of people think the Arizona Cardinals are a .500 football team next year, which means the St. Louis Rams are either terrible or also at least a .500 football team. Is the NFC West really going to win that many games when they all play six division games each year?

From where I sit, someone's got to lose and I rated the Cardinals as the least talented team in the division so a down the list they go! As a consolation, the Buffalo Bills, though ranked higher are likely a worse team. They just get to play really bad football teams within the division to inch their way ahead.

28. Buffalo Bills (2012 Record: 6-10)

Out of all the draft grades, the Bills have got to have the most overrated draft class in the NFL. It all hinges on how quickly E.J. Manuel works out. I actually love the kid and I think he has a level of maturity you rarely see from young jocks coming out of college, which I attribute to the very real impact cancer can have on immediate family members. In the end, I think the Bills will start to turn a corner, but not this year.

Even though I like Manuel and think he will succeed in the NFL, I do not think any of the quarterbacks in his years draft class will end up being rookie sensations like the quarterback class from 2012. What does that mean for the Bills? Just another losing season and a Top 10 draft pick.

Hopefully, the coaching staff final realizes what the rest of America already fully understands, which is that C.J. Spiller is ten times the running back Fred Jackson is. If not, look for the Bills to lose even more games in 2013. The Bills have enough talent to compete for the second best team in the division, but I just don't see them putting things together so quickly. Some teams just give off that vibe.

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