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Broncos sign DE Quanterus Smith and WR Tavarres King

Three rookie signings in May? As McGeorge says, gotta love the new CBA!!!


Given that both of these players are mid round selections their length of contract will be 4 years. Last season, 4th round pick Phillip Blake signed a 4-year deal worth 2.478 million with a 453 K signing bonus. 6th round pick Danny Trevathan signed a 4-year deal worth 2.204 million with a 104 K signing bonus. Expect the numbers for these guys to be similar.

Quanteras Smith by all counts should be up and ready to go by the time training camp roles around. He is rehabbing the torn ACL injury he had last November. When he's up and ready, look for him to push Jeremy Beal and Malik Jackson on the depth chart.

Tavarres King should give Andre Caldwell a run for his money at the 4th WR slot.

3 down and 4 to go, with the rookie pay scale and contract terms locked in expect the remaining Broncos draft class to be signed sooner rather than later.

Go Broncos!