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2013 NFL Power Rankings Countdown: #27 Tennessee Titans

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

There is a reason why the media considers the NFC to be the dominate conference and its because five of the six worst teams in the NFL are from the AFC. The one NFC team I put near the bottom, the Cardinals, was vehemently rejected by many of the readers. Oh well, someone has to lose half of the games each year!

The irony is, the bad AFC teams will likely end up with a better record than their bad NFC counterparts because they'll be playing each other more. Oh well, thankfully for us Broncos fans the top of the AFC is also at or near the top of the NFL, so not all is lost.

27. Tennessee Titans (2012 Record: 6-10)

The Tennessee Titans did not really improve their team at skill positions, but I do like their picks within the trenches in the first and fourth rounds. This team still has the same problem it had last year, which is a quarterback that isn't going to get the job done. I feel the same way about Jake Locker as I do Blaine Gabbert. He is entering his third year and is a 55% passer. Whooptiedo!

If you think Ryan Fitzpatrick is going to get the job done, then you must have missed watching the Buffalo Bills for the last few seasons. All that negativity aside, Titans fans are definitely excited about their draft class, as well as their teams 2013 prospects to rise from the ashes.

In a quarterback-driven league, I think this franchise actually takes a step backwards. They won't be the doormat of their division, but they won't be any good either. At some point, they will need to punch their quarterback lottery ticket in the first round yet again. That's what you get for losing the Peyton Manning sweepstakes!

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