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Alex Gibbs returns to the Broncos as a consultant

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The Broncos have hired Offensive Line coach Alex Gibbs. Gibbs who is 72 years young will work with current offensive line coach Dave Magazu. Gibbs is expected to help out during Training Camp and during the season.

"He'll be a good resource," said Broncos coach John Fox. "I know from competing against (Gibbs) over the years that he can help us out."

Alex Gibbs coached the Broncos Offensive Line from 1995 to 2003. During those years the Broncos running game averaged 5th best in the league. Gibbs was apart of the Broncos two Super Bowl wins where he coached the Offensive Line that blocked for Terrell Davis and John Elway.

How does this impact the Broncos now? Well it seems like the Broncos are headed back to a more of a Zone Blocking Scheme. The Broncos also hired Greg Knapp and now Gibbs who both are zone blocking guys. The Broncos also drafted Montee Ball whose skill set best translates to a zone blocking offense. This hire has to get you excited about the Broncos run game and Montee Ball.

Another thing that comes with Alex Gibbs is the silent treatment. Under Gibbs the Broncos offensive line did not talk to the media. The trend was carried out by former Broncos offensive linemen Tom Nalen and Ben Hamilton. Recently the Broncos O-Linemen have started talking to the media more and more, but look for that to end.

Overall this is a exciting hire. John Elway knows how important a strong running game is for a older Quarterback. Elway had TD and Gibbs helping him win back to back Super Bowls. Lets see if Gibbs and Ball can help Peyton Manning to similar success!

Enjoy this video of Gibbs talking the Zone Scheme! (Thanks jonmark93)