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2013 NFL Power Rankings Countdown: #26 Dallas Cowboys

Joe Robbins

Due to Mother's Day, I took a day off from the countdown, plus I am pretty sure this post is going to be challenged by my fellow football maniacs, so I figured why not start off the Monday right? The Cowboys are easily overrated by most observers, with some even thinking playoffs. Give me a break!

The New York Giants are a playoff team. The Washington Redskins are a playoff team. Heck, even the Philadelphia Eagles could be a playoff team. The Dallas Cowboys underachieved when they had superior talent and now they have inferior talent, so I can't imagine they'll suddenly change their ho-hum mentality.

26. Dallas Cowboys (2012 Record: 8-8)

This franchise reminds me a lot of the Denver Broncos circa 2009-2010. It feels like the wheels are going to come flying off at any time. I'm going to predict that it happens this year. With Tony Romo's massive new contract and disgruntled players saying "Put up or shut up" about the contract just reeks of a franchise on the verge of catastrophe.

Jerry Jones isn't just becoming the new Al Davis, he already is. When the Cowboys flop, it will be the coaches who suffer the wrath, but the only guy who should be fired will be the guy doing the firing. Cowboys fans are being really optimistic about their draft, but a clear head only shakes their head. It's going to be rough for their fans to handle what's going to transpire over the next decade or so, but it is what it is as they say.

Add that to the fact that the Cowboys in general lack leadership, they lack discipline and now they are beginning to lack talent. It's a perfect storm and I think the rug gets pulled out from underneath as soon as this year.

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