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Charles Woodson to Visit Broncos

The Denver Broncos have not stopped kicking the tires on established veterans to improve the team. Free agent safety Charles Woodson is schedule to visit Denver.

Free agent safety Charles Woodson is scheduled to visit the Broncos.
Free agent safety Charles Woodson is scheduled to visit the Broncos.
Jamie Squire

We've been keeping you up to date here at Mile High Report with who the best veteran players are that are still available on the market and today, one of those posts became even more relevant.

In a move that many fans expected to be made at least a month or two ago, free agent safety Charles Woodson is scheduled to visit the Denver Broncos.

Woodson, who had his first interception as a professional a week after playing John Elway's Broncos in 1998, has gone on to post career numbers of 55 interceptions, 11 touchdowns, 17 sacks, and 765 solo tackles. He played eight seasons with the Oakland Raiders before joining the Green Bay Packers in 2006 for the last seven seasons.

In Elway's post draft press conference he left the door open on signing a veteran at safety, although he did express strong belief that Rahim Moore was the starter. With veteran Mike Adams still on the roster, Quinton Carter cleared on charges stemming from his offseason arrest and David Bruton re-signed the Broncos could use at least one more body in for camp.

When Kayvon Webster was drafted Denver was quick to point out the Webster was a safety playing corner. Well, Woodson is a corner playing safety and there happens to be a lot of speculation that the Broncos currently employ another corner who will eventually switch to safety.

Woodson also has professional experience as a kick returner and a punt returner.

UPDATE 5/14/2013 4:45 PM (MTN):

It looks more likely that Woodson at least wants to sign with the Broncos.