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Much Ado About Peyton Manning's Contract

Late last night an eagle eyed Broncos fan caught a blip on that had something to do with Peyton Manning's contract, questions have been answered.

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Additions to Peyton Manning's contract caused a late night stir.
Additions to Peyton Manning's contract caused a late night stir.

In the wee hours of the morning there existed discussion as to the nature of's blip on their transactions page over Peyton Manning's contract.

Much discussion ensued as to why the Denver Broncos needed to renegotiate Manning's contract and who would be the player that the team was freeing up money. Enter the report from Lindsay H. Jones of USA Today that the transaction was simply an insurance policy being added to the contract.

An insurance policy that guarantees the Broncos $10 million in cap space for 2014 in the event that Manning injures his body in any place other than his neck in 213... At least according to ProFootballTalk's Mike Florio's source, whom I am now sourcing.

Manning will still be guaranteed his money no matter what happens to him, unless he suffers from the exact same neck injury that had him sit out in 2011. Then it gets complicated, but it isn't necessary to explain it here and now.

Smart move by Denver, in the event that all of this hearsay is true. One interesting point that all of this speculation did bring to light is the fact that the Broncos currently sit at $7.953 million under the cap, with a first, second and third round draft pick needing to be signed.

Sounds like a lot of extra money, considering last season's 28th overall draft pick Nick Perry (Green Bay Packers) had a cap figure of $1.3635 million-- Denver could have around $5 million to play with before any June 1st cuts are made.