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2013 NFL Draft: Broncos Front Office Gets a Change

It is being reported by the Denver Post that Broncos director of pro personnel Keith Kidd will not be retained after his contract expired.

Justin Edmonds

Kidd had been hired for the position before the 2009 season by Josh McDaniels, who as head coach had final say on all personnel matters.

It has not yet been determined how the Broncos will fill Kidd's position. What is clear is John Elway, the team's executive vice president of football operations, continues to shape the Broncos' front office in his own vision.

After last years' draft, Elway let the "X-man" Brian Xanders go and promoted Matt Russell to director of player personnel. Though Elway holds the title of "Executive Vice President of football operations" he is also the defacto General Manager.

Kidd previously served as a scout in the Cardinals organization from 1991-1998, as Director of Pro Personnel for the Cleveland Browns from 1999-2001, and Assistant Director of Pro Personnel for the Patriots from 2002-2004.

Look for Bill Belichick to claim Kidd off waivers to gain insight on the Broncos organizational methods. ;)