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2013 NFL Power Rankings Countdown: #21 Miami Dolphins

Jim Rogash

Man, people are hard up on the Minnesota Vikings. You all really have that much faith in Christian Ponder? You really think Adrian Peterson will follow up with another 2000+ yard rushing season? You believe they will take down the Green Bay Packers, handle the Chicago Bears and also fend off the Detroit Lions?

I'm sorry, I just don't believe they can do it. Perhaps if they were in a weaker division and did not lose Percy Harvin, I would not feel that way. In any case, we'll find out in 8 months if I am right or wrong on that call. On to the next team!

21. Miami Dolphins (2012 Record: 7-9)

The more the media talks about parity the more the NFL becomes a league of haves and have nots. I think the Dolphins are in the "have not" category and really it has nothing to do with money or salary cap, but rather ownership and talent.

I liked the Dolphins draft and I like their talent level, but I just can't figure out how in the world they will win more than eight games next year. Their schedule just looks brutal to me if you ignore the division games against the Bills and Jets.

Overall, I think they killed it in the draft and it should show on the football field this year. My prediction belies how much I actually think of this football team, but I just see them falling victim to a lot of the marquee opponents they will face in the 2013 NFL Season.

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