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MHR Mailbag: WHAT?!? Edition 5/25/13

Happy Memorial Weekend friends! A huge thank you to all that have ever served in the armed forces, thank you for paying for our freedom! Tim Lynch and I are the lone wolves this week. Here's what we have to say about the Broncos biggest threat to a SB run in 2013, the best AFC West game we've ever witnessed, and what NFL rules should be changed.

What team poses the biggest threat to a Broncos SB run?

Tim Lynch

Even with the Michael Crabtree injury, I have to say the San Francisco 49ers. They are loaded with young talent and have a dynamic offense that can beat you in a myriad of ways. The other team that I find to be pretty dangerous would be the Green Bay Packers. Aaron Rogers with an actual rushing attack? Yikes! The other team would be the Atlanta Falcons, but I don't really fear that team all that much. Tons of talent, but really not all that scary.

You may notice I am only naming NFC teams here. That's because the AFC is going to get obliterated by the Denver Broncos this year and its not even going to be close.

Bronco Mike

The Broncos. Yes you read it right. The only thing that is going to stop us is us. Quite frankly, the Broncos should be planning their Super Bowl ring party this year. Baltimore had no business in that game. The only reasons they got there was luck and a meltdown of epic proportions. The vaunted Broncos secondary that made teams look silly throughout the year folded.

This team is by far the most talented team in the AFC and has a clear path to the Super Bowl in 2013. Hopefully the Broncos learned a lesson from January and is prepared to put their foot on the throat of any opponent that threatens their glory. I'm looking at you John Fox--keep doing what you do Monday-Saturday, but stay the hell out of the way of Peyton and our offense come gameday!

What is your favorite Broncos win over an AFC West team?

Tim Lynch

My most memorable game was one I attended. I live in Northern California, so in 2008 my Raider fan of a brother and I got tickets to the Monday Night Football opener in Oakland. I went over to Silver & Black Pride to talk a little smack in the weeks leading up - all good humored - and ended up getting some phone numbers of some guys who would be tailgating at the game.

Long story short, my brother and I ended up tailgating over in the RV section with Raider fans everywhere. It was mostly pleasant and they were all nice to me surprisingly. We drank their beer, ate their food and chatted it up for several hours. It was one of the coolest experiences and I've never gotten around to going back to a Raider/Bronco game. Why you ask? Well....the Broncos won 42-14 and totally embarrassed the home team.

By halftime, the game was already getting ugly and my brother came back from the bathrooms and told me I should hold it until after the game (thanks for the warning AFTER I downed 3-4 beers) because some thuggish Raider fans were hanging out in the bathrooms looking for Bronco fans to drown in the clogged urinals. If you are mouthing the letters W.T.F., yeah, me too. After the game, it was dark obviously and the parking lot began to look like a third world country during a coup d'état. I ended up finding relief in port-a-potty that was one of the most disgusting experiences of my life. I mean, I don't even want to know how people were able to pull off what they did in there.

My brother, who is a cop by trade, was trying to hustle me back out to the car because even he no longer felt safe without his firearm (stowed in the trunk). Once there, locked the doors and tried to get out of there before it got any worse. What was a great experience turned into something that I won't be paying $300 for a seat and $10 a beer for a looooooong time. In Oakland anyway.... haha A road trip to Denver is not out of the question.

Bronco Mike

It happened last season. The Chargers have had our number in recent years, going all the way back to a 52-point embarrassment in their house to end the season when crybaby Cutler was still in town. Fast forward to 2013...well, I'll let video do my talking for me;)

Never seen anything like it! I was so pissed off at halftime because, well, I knew we were a better team than we had showed to that point. My brother and I were messaging on facebook, and he called the comeback. Such an awesome turn of events that also left us with some beautiful Phillip Rivers misery:


If you could change one current rule in the NFL, what would it be and why?

Tim Lynch

The no contact after five yards rule that is sometimes enforced on cornerbacks. Football is a physical game and no allowing corners to be physical with wide receivers puts them at a major disadvantage, because the wide receiver already knows where he is going. So now the corners have to stay with their man AND they can't touch them along the way. Stupidest rule in the NFL...well, stupidest modern day rule.

Bronco Mike

I absolutely hate that you can't hit QB's anymore. Call it the Tom Brady rule. Ever since that pansy went down with an ACL in 2008, you can't hit QB's low, you can't hit em high, you can't so much as breath on them. Say what you want about Joe Mays, but his hit on Matt Schaub was a thing of beauty! What?!? I can't hear, What?!?