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2013 NFL Power Rankings Countdown: #15 San Diego Chargers

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Yes, I think the San Diego Chargers are a borderline playoff team in 2013. The exit of Norv Turner should at least equate to a few more wins this year and Philip Rivers can't possibly continue his downward spiral, can he? (Rhetorical, we all know the answer could be yes.)

As a fan, I am not overly worried about the Chargers long term. I think they end up getting surpassed by the Kansas City Chiefs in 2014 and the Denver Broncos will remain ahead of them in the post-Manning era as well. That could change, but as it stands right now, the Chargers are not going to regain their elite status any time soon.

15. San Diego Chargers (2012 Record: 7-9)

No one likes the draft the Chargers had, except me apparently(And this guy). Naturally, I am high on Manti Te'o, but D.J. Fluker was also a solid pick up in the first round. So with Manti Te'o as a three down linebacker and the addition of Dwight Freeney should mean their above average defense will be somewhat improved over last year. The Chargers will continue to live and die with Phillip Rivers, buthe's a competitor and I'm looking for him to bounce back under new leadership and a fresh message.

The Monday Night Football game last year was the turning point for both the Chargers and Broncos, sparking one to an eleven game win streak and the other into a downward spiral that would result with a front office change. I think that change was a good one and the Chargers will maintain their grip as the second best team in the AFC West.

They still won't beat the Broncos, mind you, but they'll be right there until the end fighting for one of those two wild card spots at the end of the season. Let the hate start rollin' in! haha

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