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2013 NFL Power Rankings Countdown: #14 St. Louis Rams

Joe Robbins

Living in northern California is mostly disadvantageous for a Denver Broncos fan like myself, but for this post it is going to pay off. I see a lot of San Francisco 49ers games, which means I got to see these St. Louis Rams twice last year against the leagues best overall defensive unit. Not only did these Rams hang tough with the 49ers, the didn't lose; finishing 1-0-1. They also split the series with the Seattle Seahawks and swept the Arizona Cardinals.

To put it simply, this team is being overlooked and isn't getting the respect they're due. Even I am hesitant to go really bold and make them a playoff team. I think the Seahawks are a bit overrated and hyped, so if the Rams do break through it will likely be at the expense of that organization. For now, 14th is where they go and we'll see how it shakes loose this Fall.

14. St. Louis Rams (2012 Record: 7-8-1)

I'm a huge fan of the 2013 Rams draft class, in fact, I think they may have had the best draft in the entire NFL this year. This team competed well against their divisional rivals and they just got a whole lot better by adding several rookies to the roster that will easily be impact players from Day 1.

Sam Bradford, who I personally think is a bust, now has everything he needs to prove me wrong. He has weapons, he has protection on the line, and he has a very stout and underrated defense keeping the score close. Anything but a fight for a wild card should be considered a failure at this point.

The Rams, like the Lions and Browns, find themselves in the unfortunate situation of being in a top heavy division. I think the Rams play their division rivals tough and may actually end up with the best divisional record of the four. In the end though, I think both the Seahawks and 49ers come out ahead.

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