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NFL: 2014 Draft May 8th-10th

The NFL today announced that the 2014 draft would take place on May 8th-10th.

Chris Trotman

There is no offseason! And fans are witnessing the first in a series of moves that will increase engagement for the entire year-- not just the football season.

The NFL has announced the 2014 draft will take place from May 8th-10th, in New York City and still at Radio City Music Hall (for now).

"The decision was made after discussions with club personnel and key NFL business partners. No decision has been made regarding the dates of the NFL Draft in 2015 and beyond. A variety of alternatives are being explored, teams were told, including holding the draft at Radio City or at other locations, either in the New York area or in other cities,"

The league stated in a release today.

The next moves likely will not come until 2015, as the league looks into moving free agency and the scouting combine around. Albert Breer from originally reported that:

... Not to mention that black cloud that is the 18 game seasons...

So it looks like fans yearning for more football are just going to have to put their money where their mouths are. For that they may get just what it is that they are asking for.