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2013 NFL Power Rankings Countdown: #13 Washington Redskins

Al Bello

It must suck for teams to be the thirteenth best team in the league or seventh best in your conference. The distinction usually means you were "almost good enough to be a playoff team" and no one ever remembers you were that close.

This year, the Washington Redskins are the odd man out as one team that had a down year in 2012 is likely to surge back into elite status in 2013. I also happen to be a Mike Shanahan detractor, so that is probably making a strong play in this decision.

13. Washington Redskins (2012 Record: 10-6)

There is a good chance Robert Griffin III has a sophomore slump as he works to come back from a rather horrible knee injury late last season. Unless he rehabs as well as Adrian Peterson, RG3 may not be as dynamic as he was last season and the Redskins as a whole could suffer for it.

I still give them a winning record, if only because Mike Shanahan has a knack for getting his teams at least close to .500. The Redskins draft wasn't great, but that is likely due to betting the farm on RG3 - a bet that is already paying off.

With Brian Orakpo coming back full strength, the Redskins defense should improve. It was tough to place them this low, but I do think the offense will not be as strong this season, so that's going to put pressure on their defense. I'll give them a winning record, but no playoff berth in the competitive NFC.

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