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Peyton Manning's incredible memory, preparation brings Denver 16-year-old play

During last week's Tennessee Football Coaching Clinic, longtime University of Tennessee Sports Technology Coordinator Joe Harrington talks about the unique request Peyton Manning made to him last summer.

This was Peyton Manning's request, as recalled by Harrington: "'In 1996, Tennessee played Ole Miss in Memphis. In the third quarter, we ran a play called flip right duo X motion fake roll 98 block pass special. I need you to find that play, I need you to digitize it, and I need you to send it to me in Denver.'"

There was "no hi, how you doing, nothing," according to Harrington. Just the play, which was "exactly where he said it would be."

Peyton Manning redefines the term "leave no stone unturned" when it comes to preparing as an NFL quarterback. Even one play he ran one time in college, 16 years earlier, is fair game.

How impressive it is that Manning has the capacity to recall such a detail.

Gracias, ProFootballTalk.