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2013 NFL Power Rankings Countdown: #10 New York Giants


It's been over three weeks since I first assembled this power ranking list and wrote most of the reviews. I've come to the conclusion that my top 3 teams must be reordered and I'm going to do it. Until now, I've forced myself to be true to my original list. This is a good thing, because in the end the right team will be the best overall team in the league.

As far as elite teams go, you always have to throw the New York Giants into the mix. The seem to suck in the regular season, but if you ask me, there is no team more dangerous in the playoffs than Eli Manning and the Giants. I had to give them Top 10 status at the very least.

10. New York Giants (2012 Record: 9-7)

Like the Bears, the Giants front office must have been pissed to see all of the offensive linemen getting taken before their pick at #19. They picked up Justin Pugh anyway, because keeping Eli Manning's backside clean is easily their most important need for any season.

After that though, the Giants drafted very well indeed, including Damontre Moore in the third (THIRD!) round. Not bad, considering some people were mocking Moore to the Broncos at #28. I think the Giants ended up with one of the most underrated drafts of the season and did much to improve their team. Not bad considering they have won two Super Bowl titles since 2007.

The Giants play in the weak NFC East and I could be underestimating their win total considering how much better they are than their division rivals, but the Giants are notorious for playing down to their opponents level. They always seem to get into the playoffs at one of the lower seeds, but once in the tournament, there is no team more dangerous than one led by Eli Manning.

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