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Tebow trying to stay off the radar

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Jim Rogash

We wondered what would happen to the Denver Broncos' former starting quarterback of only 18 months ago, now that Tim Tebow is a free agent. For the most part, he's stayed off-radar.

Apparently that is intentional. Reports Mike Garafolo of USA Today, Tebow's camp is trying to keep the former Heisman trophy winner out of headlines, even as ESPN the Magazine reports some in Tebow's camp think he's finished in the NFL.

Tebow isn't expected to address the story anytime soon because the person said he's trying to stay off the radar, due in part to the very issue that led to the ESPN the Magazine story – the attention he brings could be seen by some teams as an unnecessary distraction.

Without the side show, perhaps a team would be interested in adding a versatile player who has a knack for winning games and performing in the clutch.

Despite USA Today's up-sell of Tebow (this journalist may as well be writing Tebow's resume for him), right now the "side show" is still very much alive, given the reaction one ESPN article has churned out.

But Tebow is one GM's "What the heck" from wearing an NFL uniform again this season. Until then, he's biding his time, letting the clamor cool, and betting that eventually, in some GM's mind, his potential will outweigh his patrons' distractions.

Time will tell if time off from Tim was enough.