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Report: Patriots signing Tim Tebow

Patrick Smith

Tim Tebow has landed in New England.

One of our top landing spots for Tim Tebow indeed turned out to be the case -- the former Denver Broncos first round draft pick will join Bill Belichick and Tom Brady in Foxboro as a backup quarterback, Ed Werder of ESPN reports.

Undoubtedly former Denver Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels, who drafted Tebow in 2010, played a large role in getting Tebow in New England. McDaniels is currently the Patriots offensive coordinator.

While the move is still unofficial, the Patriots announced the release of QB Mike Kafka and DL Dewayne Cherrington moments after the story broke, presumably to make room for the Florida product and former Heisman trophy winner. Other outlets are running with the story, and Twitter is quaking by the bit.

Tebowmania has returned.

Mark your calendars: if Tebow survives Patriots camp on the team's roster, Tebow Bowl will take place in Week 12, and it's already slotted for prime time. The Broncos play the Patriots on November 24th on Sunday Night Football.

Whoever thought a matchup between Tom Brady and Peyton Manning could be overshadowed by... well, anything? This one will, even as the former Bronco, barring injury to Brady, watches from the bench. Such is Tebowmania.