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Should FB Vonta Leach be in the Denver Broncos plans?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

According to the Baltimore Sun Pro Bowl Fullback Vonta Leach will be cut or traded by Tuesday from the Baltimore Ravens. Leach and the Ravens have been trying to restructure a contract with the veteran fullback. They were unable to reach a compromise after negotiations to try to restructure, and have decided to move on.

"Thank Ravens organization for a great two years," Leach wrote. "I came here and did what we set out to do and that's win the Super Bowl. My time here is up but what we accomplished, we will forever be linked."

Once cut, the 31 year old Leach figures to contribute for an NFL team next season. The question i ask is this. Should the Broncos go after Leach?

I hope so. I know the Broncos already have Jacob Hester on the roster, and reportedly like him, and that the Broncos will be in a three receiver set a lot during the season. So the case can be made on why he shouldn't be a Denver Bronco, and i can't disagree with any of those arguments, but here's my case on why i think he would be a great asset to the Broncos.

First of all, he would help improve the run game. Leach is the best lead blocker in the game. Sure the Broncos won't be in many 2 TE sets where they can use him, but he would be very valuable on important 3rd and shorts and goal line attempts. Leach is also very versatile. In his career he has caught, 112 balls for 749 yards and 4 touchdowns.

Where i see Leach being the most valuable is in the playoffs(Assuming they make it of course). The weather is going to be cold, you're going to be playing in the elements, and might not be able to pass the ball as well as you would like. Having Leach lead the way for Montee Ball, Ronnie Hillman, or Knowshon Moreno would be ideal for me. Leach might not be used as much during the warmer months, but i see his true value in the playoffs.

Now this point may be a stretch, but John Elway knows how important a good fullback can be. Elway had Howard Griffith leading the way for Terrell Davis in his Super Bowl years. All signs point to the Broncos relying on the run game too. They signed a big run blocking guard in Vasquez, The Broncos brought back Alex Gibbs to be a consultant at least, Drafted Montee Ball in the 2nd round of Aprils NFL Draft. Signing the best lead blocking fullback in the league would follow that trend.

Just my opinion though. What do you guys think?

Go Broncos!