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Denver Broncos Countdown to Kickoff: 85 Days

It took 18 years for the Broncos to notch their 85th win as a franchise, and it happened in 1977 against the Seattle Seahawks.

CHirs Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

- The 85th win came against the AFC West foe on the road--a 24-13 result that featured a Steve Foley INT and Craig Morton TD pass.

- WR Jimmy Greer was the first to wear #85 in 1960. In the Broncos first game as a franchise, he caught a 21 yard TD pass from QB Frank Tripucka.

- Tom Beer (#85) who was a Broncos TE from 1967-1969 caught 40 passes for 631 yards and 1 TD as a Bronco.

- Ron Egloff (#85) who was a Broncos TE from 1977-1983 caught 64 passes for 747 yards and 4 TD's.

- Ashlie Lelie (#85) who was a Broncos WR from 2002-2005 caught 168 passes for 3007 yards (17.9 avg) for 12 TD's.

1985 Denver Broncos

A balanced club the 1985 Broncos managed a 5-3 record on the road and a 6-2 record on the road. They won games against the Saints, Falcons, Oilers, Colts, Seahawks (2x), Chiefs(2x), 49ers, Chargers, and Steelers. 11 games was not good enough for a playoff berth however as they were edged out in the division by the Oakland Raiders and in the conference by both the NYJ and NE Patriots. This was despite an 8-4 record in the conference. The Jets finished with an 9-3 conference record and the Pats with an 8-4 conference record. Bronco Mike is too lazy to look up what tiebreaker the Pats edged our Broncos in:)

All of this could have been avoided however as our Broncos dropped both divisional games to eventual AFC West Champion LA Raiders. Incidentally, both games were lost in overtime. The first game resulted in a 31-28 Raiders victory and the 2nd game resulted in a 17-14 Raiders victory. Both games were won by short Chris Bahr FG's kicked from 31 and 26 yards respectively. In the 2nd meeting, the Broncos got out to a 14-0 lead before giving up 17 unanswered.

2013 Training Camp Battles: Virgil Green v. Julius Thomas

Though these two players figure into the Broncos offense in different ways, it must be noted at this point that 7th round pick (2011) Virgil Green had outpaced 4th round pick (2011) Julius Thomas in overall offensive snaps though he has only registered 8 receptions for 87 during that time.

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Cool 85 Factoids

WR Vance Johnson was the Broncos leading receiver notching 51 catches, 721 yards and 3 TD's. He also registered 740 kick return yards on 30 attempts (24.7 avg).

WR Eddie Kennison who wore #85 in 2001 for the Broncos quit the team the night before a game. He shot his mouth off the previous season stating that his new team the KC Chiefs were the best in the NFL.

Notable Broncos to wear #85

James Greer (1960)

Tom Beer (1967-1969)

Ron Egloff (1977-1983)

Derek Russell (1991-1994)

Ashley Lelie (2002-2005)

Current Bronco to wear #85

Virgil Green

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