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Denver Broncos Countdown to Kickoff: 82 Days

Boy, there are some days where these articles write themselves. There are others well, lets just say that Broncos History isn't always a picturesque orange and blue sunset.

The 1982 Broncos were a sad excuse for a team. Luckily, they played only nine games due to player strike. Weeks 3-9 ceased to exist league wide. The Broncos finished 2-7 that year and finished 0-6 in the division. Here are some of the lowlights from 1982:

3 QB's

Started for the Broncos that season. Steve DeBerg started 5 games, Mark Herrmann started once, and Craig "don't call me Orton" Morton started 3 games. The Broncos QB's managed a craptacular 8 TD's and 19 INT's to go along with a 60.8 QBR.

3 RB's

Saw at least 65 carries that year. Rick Parros, Gerald Willhite, and Sammy Winder all failed to eclipse 350 yards individually.


The leading receiver that year was a RB. In fact Rick Parros and Gerald Wilhite both had 37 and 26 receptions respectively. WR Steve Watson and Rick Upchurch had 36 and 26.


Offense scored only 16 points per game while the defense gave up 25.


The team had no sack....err I mean no Bronco defender registered more than 5 sacks.

Vance Johnson

I can't leave you hanging with only misery however. Vance Johnson was one of the players I remember growing up and whenever I think of #82 I think of him. He wasn't a great receiver but he was good and served as John Elway's #1 for a lot of years.

Over the course of his 10 year career, Vance Johnson caught 415 passes for 5695 yards and 37 TD's. His best seaso as a pro would have been in 1989 when he caught 76 balls for 1095 yards and 7 TD's. It was the only season he managed to gain more than 1000 yards in his career.

Cool 82 Factoid

The lone bright spot for the Denver Broncos in 1982 was KR/PR/WR Rick Upchurch. Upchurch was a 1st team all pro and pro bowler that season. He led the Broncos with a 15.7 receiving average and scored 2 TD's on punt returns.

Notable Bronco to wear #82

Vance Johnson 1985-1993, 1985

Current Bronco Wearing #82

Lucas Reed

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