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How did Broncos players post Instagrams during minicamp?

An MHR investigation into a social media mystery.

Twitter - Tavarres King -

I really don't understand how this works. During practice, aren't Denver Broncos players a little busy, you know, practicing? Too busy to be taking pictures of themselves?

I mean, clearly they're multi-talented. Here's rookie defensive tackle Sylvester Williams carrying the rock like a certain running back who just departed.


But they can't be that talented. So someone is taking pictures of these players, and sending the pictures to their respective phones, so they can put it on their social media networks themselves.

How did that awkward conversation go about? It's not like the players' friends can watch minicamp and send these to each individual.

However it goes about, clearly it's working. Broncos players are tweeting and instagramming in droves, and they have the follower numbers to back them up. Here's a rundown of social photos from minicamp:

Here's Tavarres King, who says, "Oh just having fun at work..."

Tavarres King

Danny Trevathan might not have caught this ball...

Ronnie Hillman leaps to grab a Peyton Manning toss in the end zone.

Omar Bolden is ready for action.

Omar Bolden

Steven Johnson hauled in a pick-six.

Finally, Chris Harris was hungry. He isn't anymore.

The secret revealed

I figured it had to be either an awesome, player-friendly media figure (think twitpic-happy Cecil Lammey) or the Broncos themselves coordinating these players' Instagrams. After a quick perusal of the official sites' Day 3 photo gallery, indeed, I found the same photos there.

Here's Steven Johnson's pick-six... and here's Omar Bolden at the line.

So, mystery solved. The Broncos send these pictures to their players for them to post to Instagram and Twitter.

Not a bad setup. I'm all about the Broncos leveraging any way for players to engage directly with fans. And at least the players get to caption the pics however they like, shedding some light into their respective personalities.

Go Broncos!