I have a request. Would someone put together a report on the Attacking 4-2-5 Defense?

As some of you remember I used to post on here from time to time, but with the new system I don't. To keep it simple- I hate it. So I'll ask someone else to do the work, maybe a staffer can delicate this task. From what I've seen Denver looks to be building a 4-2-5 Attacking Defense. With the loss of Doom, the additions of Phillips, Jammer, DRC I think the writing is on the wall. The 4-2-5 is used for 5 basic reasons. 1) It fits your personnel! A true Mike LB is hard to find. Having two great OLB's is a key factor. Also it is a little easier to find a strong safety that can play both the pass and hit like a LB (Jammer and Webster). Which can be rotated into the Linebacker spots. Also the need for "beef" upfront. Lineman to take on the blocks sort of like a 3-4 NT would do to free up the middle. The DE/s need to be able to crash the ends, plus hold down the fort. They set the edge but also need to be able to close in. Sound like a team you know yet? 2) It allows a team to adjust quickly and eaily to multiple formations and/or motions that an offense can show. 3) The five secondary defense also allows a team to give the illusion of having 8-9 in the box on the pre-snap read. Making it difficult for the QB to change in or out of a play based on the front. 4) It puts more speed on the field to help against a pass happy system. Speed kills, you can't coach it, just have it. 5) It allows a team to put more players in a blitz position without giving it away in the pre-snap reads. It sounds to simple to be true, but it has worked at almost every level other than the pros for years. Is this the year we see it break into the NFL? I personally feel Denver has done everything we need to run this. Would someone be willing to dig deeper into it. I would but like I said I hate the new system for posting.

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