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Best of your MHR screen name stories

We asked for 'em, and you told us the stories behind your MHR screen name. Today we thought we'd highlight a few of our favorites!


Most old school hardcore Broncos

rubincarterrocks -
Mine is simply what it looks homage to one of my favorite Broncos ever.
I grew up in Salida and followed the Broncos since their inception. Rubin Carter’s rookie year the team had a traveling basketball team made up of various players (can you imagine anything like that today?!) They would go through local communities and play local all-star teams, generally the schools coaches, local has-beens, etc. for charity. It was my first up-close view of professional athletes and Carter was the one who impressed most. (got his autograph). He just looked mean and rugged, his arms were huge, yada, yada, yada…. So naturally I became his biggest fan and followed his career closely and everything that I thought a football player was supposed to be was based on his attributes, tenacity, ruggedness, meanness, strength. Still my favorite player of all time. Nobody occupied the nose position better.

A traveling basketball team? Is there already an MHR History Lesson on this?! There should be. Thanks for the cool story rubincarterrocks! You rock.

Most likely to incite a rock and roll debate

PearlJamBroncoGFunk -
I really dig the team We all dig, and Pearl Jam is literally the best band that currently still creates music AND tours (creates live music experiences across the globe even, they remind me of the Grateful Dead as far as continually giving a $#it about their fans all over the world, not just in the country they’re from)… Tough to say they trump Dave Matthews, but they do. If Zeppelin would pull a reunion tour, now, that’d be a different story. =)

But music and the Broncos are my two biggest passions next to Mother Earth, and my name is Gary Funk, so…. Funny backstory, back in the 90’s I remember pulling my mom’s leg saying “Remember that kid Warren G I used to hang out with, from down the street? He’s rapping about me now!” of course she had never heard of him, so the joke is only funny when I re-tell it to others who do remember that ©rap (or is it???). I didn’t want a user name half a mile long, but PJBroncoGFunk just didn’t look right.

The comment thread that spawned from this story was just as good as the story itself - an epic debate about the differences and strengths and values and musical intricacies that separate Pearl Jam and a little band I like to call THE FOO FIGHTERS. And how I ultimately reigned over the debate to earn an MHR-wide consensus that Dave Grohl is THE living rock god of our time.

(Or maybe that's just how the debate went in my head.)

Most random

McGeorge -
It's the name on the tag of some of my sweaters
which I don’t even need in Miami.

There is neither a Mc nor George in my real name.


Most appropriate for a predominantly male message board

Big Pete -
I just graduated high school and hooked up with a hot chick a few years younger than me. She gave me the nickname and all her friends started calling me Big Pete. Without going into any details, lets just say that I’m not fat, so that isn’t the reason why I’m big…
Hope that is clean enough for a predominantly male message board. haha

Still speechless.

Most "Maybe you should look up what that means"

ten_fiver -
Way back during the pre-internet days, I needed a screen name for a BBS game I played. I was sitting there trying to come up with something unique, with no luck. The tv was on in the background, and some show like cops was on. I heard one of the cops say, “we got a ten-fiver at 123 main st,” so I’ve been rolling with ten_fiver ever since.

No idea what it means, hopefully it’s not child molestation or something.

Remind me to never go near 123 Main Street.

Most cool nature metaphore

Earthtiger24 -
My favorite Tarantula and Bronco #

I breed and raise Tarantulas. She’s a beauty. I have an orange Baboon tarantula (very aggressive named Von). She is gorgeous. And Champ is the Man.

Wikipedia suggests the Earthtiger species is large, venomous, and aggressive toward opposing quarterbacks.

Most favorite

Murrwolf -
Mine is dedicated to my fav. niece.
My first name is Murray my niece has leukimia lost all her hair at 4 years old. So I shaved my head to match . Then as her leukemia went into remission her hair started coming back. I told her i would grow both beard and hair for 3 years with out cutting it then donate it to locks of love. 1 year in she said i looked like awerewolf and Murrwolf was born. She is now 21 and we still greet each other and say goodbye by howling at the moon.

I've got ten nieces and nephews so this pulled on the heartstrings, as I know it did many of you. Murrwolf is one cool cat, as is his niece, a cancer survivor of 17 years! Thanks for sharing.

I really enjoyed everyone's stories -- if you haven't shared yours yet, be sure to in the original post!