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Broncos Mount Rushmore voting is open

The finalists have been found - now figure out the Final Four!

ProFootballTalk's series of Mount Rushmore votes for each team has reached the AFC West and two-time division champ Denver Broncos. We earlier debated who belongs in a list of 10-12 finalists; we can't really argue with this list PFT voters came up with (except for the omission of the Barrelman).

Here are PFT's finalists, in alphabetical order. Be sure to go there and vote, and tell us your four in the comments!

PFT will post the final results on Friday.

  1. Steve Atwater - The greatest hit in franchise history highlights a great orange and blue career that boasted eight Pro Bowls.
  2. Champ Bailey - One of the best pass defenders in NFL history. Twelve Pro Bowl selections.
  3. Pat Bowlen - Denver has more seasons above .500 than any other team in the NFL during Bowlen's 29-year tenure. Oh, and he's awesome, too.
  4. Terrell Davis - Ran the Broncos to Super Bowl victory. One of two Broncos (Elway) who was both a Super Bowl MVP and League MVP.
  5. John Elway - Period.
  6. Randy Gradishar - Unreal production as the leader of the Orange Crush defense.
  7. Tom Jackson - Pro Bowl linebacker who played in both of the Broncos' first two Super Bowls (a rarity) does the Broncos right on ESPN every week.
  8. Floyd Little - He was nicknamed The Franchise because the Broncos wouldn't be in Denver today without him. A lock in my book.
  9. Karl Mecklenburg - Six Pro Bowls, three Super Bowl appearances, 79.5 sacks (second in franchise history).
  10. Mike Shanahan - The Mastermind won two Super Bowls and coached in Denver for 13 years.
  11. Shannon Sharpe - Greatest tight end to ever play to that point, won three Super Bowls, two with Denver
  12. Rod Smith - Undrafted star receiver defined everything it meant to be a Bronco.

My Mount Rushmore? Elway, Little, TD, Gradishar.