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Two Broncos - Peyton Manning and Von Miller - in top 10 of NFL's Top 100 Players

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL and the NFL Network have announced the final 10 players of its Top 100 Players countdown - but they haven't announced the order. That, along with the #1 player, will be revealed this week on NFL Network on Thursday at 8pm ET.

Two Denver Broncos players, Peyton Manning and Von Miller, have deservedly made the NFL's Top 10.

Will either make #1? Probably not. Manning will likely get knocked down a peg for his age, while Miller didn't get as many sacks as J.J. Watt last year. While we'd love for these rankings to be a bit more whole and objective - like ProFootballFocus's rankings that saw Chris Harris rank 64th - the fact of the matter is that these voters are going pretty clearly based on the simple stats and star value of each player. That and the ever-present east coast media bias explains why Ryan Clady was a huge snub from the Top 100 altogether, for example.

Three other current Broncos earlier made the list: Demaryius Thomas (68), Champ Bailey (53), and Wes Welker (44).

The other eight players the NFL announced in the Top 10 are quarterbacks Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers, running backs Arian Foster and Adrian Peterson, defensive end J.J. Watt, wide receiver Calvin Johnson, and linebackers Patrick Willis and Aldon Smith, both of the San Francisco 49ers (the only other club with more than one player in the Top 10).

How would you rank these Top 10?