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Little Known Broncos Facts: A Fight Song?

Were you aware that the Broncos had a fight song in 1960?

Justin Edmonds

Every week of the football season, we get ourselves geared up, dressed out in our favorite Broncos' clothes, surrounded by our favorite Broncos' memorabilia, ready to yell and scream, rant and rave as we try to will our favorite team on to victory.

But did you know, that the Broncos had (or perhaps still have) a fight song? In 1960, this fight song was featured as a regular part of halftime entertainment in Bears Stadium. The lyrics were printed in the programs available for fifty cents at the stadium on game day.

The fight song was sung as part of the entertainment during halftime. The halftime shows featured a variety of groups keeping the fans amused while the teams regrouped in the locker room. These shows included such groups as: the Sinclair Bronc-ettes (the original Broncos cheerleaders), the Bronco Swing Band, the Bronco Singers, Miss Bronco, and various visiting bands such as the bands from Arvada High School and Lakewood High School.

The Mighty Bronco March was composed by contest winner Frank White of Denver. The lyrics were as follows:

Hail, Mighty Broncos, Pride of the West
Like the mountains tow'ring high, over the rest.
Fight Denver Broncos, Fight for your fame
Fight Broncos, Fight, Fight, Fight, We'll win this game.

Yippie, Oh, Ay, Take it boys, go all the way
Yippie, Ay, Oh Watch the Broncos go
Yippie Ay, Yippie Ay, The Broncos win today, HEY!
Back to the chorus now, and all join in!

I was not, unfortunately, able to locate an audio recording of this wonderful song.

What do you think: should we start a movement to resurrect Denver's fight song?

Go Broncos!!!!!