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SPEAK UP: Which 2013 Broncos starter has you most worried?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

A 70-yard bomb from Joe Flacco to Jacoby Jones flew over Rahim Moore's head with 30 seconds left in regulation, and the Denver Broncos 2012 season was all but over.

Willis McGahee was a Pro Bowler a year and a half ago, but now someone (or someones) with far less experience is expected to shoulder the running back workload.

Elvis Dumervil is gone, and in his place is a contingent of guys with potential - but not Elvis's proven production.

Peyton Manning is healthier and stronger-armed than a year ago, but who knows how another NFL season will take its toll on his 37-year-old frame?

Torrey Smith torched Champ Bailey - Champ Bailey! - repeatedly in the playoffs, opening cracks of doubt about the perennial Pro Bowler's abilities moving forward.

Joe Mays is a mystery man with a contract too big, but will one of Nate Irving, Steven Johnson, or Stewart Bradley step up to take leadership at middle linebacker?

Which of these worry you?

The Denver Broncos are among the favorites to win it all this year, but to some, one or more of these represent a point of concern. My question to all of you - which starter on the 2013 Broncos worries you the most? If a starter hasn't been locked in stone (middle linebacker, defensive end, running back), consider the roster and the potential starter. I'm interested to see if the MHR crowd reaches a general consensus or are split on these issues.