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2013 Denver Broncos: Who's poised for a breakout season?

Last year it was Wesley Woodyard, Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker, and Chris Harris. Who will step up in 2013 for the Broncos?

Jim Rogash


Julius Thomas

Entering this offseason there are no more excuses. This is his 2nd full offseason, and the 1st one he's experienced healthy. A former basketball player, Thomas was supposed to become the next Antonio Gates. All we've gotten so far is a crazy handful of nothin'. No more excuses big boy, fan favorite or not, if you want to see the field and produce (especially after the addition of Wes Welker) it's time to put up or shut up.

Virgil Green

The guy can block. He has more experience than his talented contemporary, but will the Broncos have the faith to turn the big man into a receiving threat?

Ronnie Hillman

Is he the homerun threat he was sold to us as? Though he flashed some potential last season, Hillman's longest run of the season was only 31-yards. He looked physically outmatched with inconsistent vision. Can the tutelage of Alex Gibbs and more upper body strength harness that big play ability on a consistent basis?

Peyton Manning

I want more. There's no doubt the man is great. No player comes back from what he did and produces like he did--especially given the change of scenery. But I want more than a first round playoff loss. I want more than regular season numbers. I want a championship. So does Peyton, and for him to have a breakout season as a Bronco, it may rely much more on him trusting his teammates than him shouldering the load.


Derek Wolfe

Can Wolfe do enough on the defensive side of the ball to warrant the comparisons he's getting to JJ Watt? I love me some Wolfe, but Watt is in a different realm at this point. The question to me is not if Wolfe can become JJ Watt, it's can Wolfe give you double digit sack totals as a pro--and can he do it consistently?

Robert Ayers

"Robert Ayers will be the best defensive player from this draft" or something like that from Mike Mayock. So far he hasn't lived up to his draft status, though he has been a solid player. Can Robert man up become Von Miller's Robin?

Nate Irving

He was lauded by Bill Parcells as the best MLB prospect in his draft. He has yet to sniff the field in a significant role outside of special teams. The keys have been handed to him, can Nate Irving finally feel the shoes of departed soldier Al Wilson?

Rahim Moore

Rahim had a nice season when compared to year 1, can he finally become that rangy, physical, centerfield safety the Broncos envisioned when they selected him with a 2nd round pick back in 2011? The answer to that question may lie in another--can he put that playoff debacle behind him?

Special Teams

Matt "I pra-ter God he makes this kick from 40" Prater

Matt has the tools to be the most successful kicker in Broncos history. But can he overcome his mental insecurities and nail kicks from the 40-49 yard range consistently? I know I will cringe every time Matt lines one up from that distance, and can only hope that our season does not come down to that scenario.

There you have it MHR--who do you think is most poised for a breakout year in 2013?