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Denver Broncos News: Horse Tracks - 6/27/13

Rookies visit the Hall of Fame. They are Denver Broncos, so the likelihood they ever get a shot at the Hall is very slim to none. I kid, I kid, I'm just a bitter Broncomaniac who divides the number of wins by Hall of Fame membership roles and sees a very large number of wins per... I wonder if its the highest in the league. I know it's got to be the highest among the great franchises.


Broncos Rookies Visit Pro Football Hall of Fame "
Only weeks from the dawn of their NFL careers, Broncos rookies visited the place where all players hope their careers will one day conclude – the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.

Denver Broncos News & Blogs

The New Role of a Broncos Middle Linebacker "
Middle linebackers around the NFL – especially with the Broncos – have evolved into a new type of role.

Beal Healthy and Ready to Compete "
After a knee injury sidelined him last year, defensive end Jeremy Beal is ready to earn his regular season debut.

Grading Every Major Denver Broncos 2013 Offseason Move to Date | Bleacher Report
Today, we'll look at some of the Denver Broncos' most notable transactions of the 2013 NFL offseason.

Jon Heath Sports Media: Broncos' Peyton Manning Will be Featured in SNF Intro on NBC this Fall
On Wednesday, NBC announced that Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning will be featured in their new "I've Been Waiting All Day" Sunday Night Football intro performed by Carrie Underwood this season.

Jon Heath Sports Media: NBC Inadvertently Confirms Change to Denver Broncos Collar Design
We've been awaiting official word on the Denver Broncos' NIKE collars, which appear to have been slightly tweaked since last season.

Shannon Sharpe One Tight End To Look Up To - Predominantly Orange
As one former Patriots tight end was arrested, released by his team, and charged with murder (without bail) on Wednesday, another continues to live a very clean lifestyle after his playing days are over.

Roster 2013: Prevendo o ataque do Broncos "
Dia 31 de agosto, às 21 horas de Brasília, o roster de 90 jogadores do Denver Broncos (e de todos os outros times da NFL) terá que apresentar no máximo 53 jogadores. Com tantos bons nomes em praticamente todos as posições, fica difícil imaginar quais jogadores vão ser cortados. Para começar, vamos analisar os grupos do ataque para tentar prever quais devem ser os escolhidos.

NFL News & Blogs

What it takes to work in sports | National Football Post
I receive about three to five unsolicited letters per week from graduates, law school students and those already gainfully employed.

The NFL's top scouts – Part I | National Football Post
There are many young guys with a strong passion for football who would like to be NFL Scouts. They think it would be a glamorous job working for an NFL club. What they don’t know is that once they become scouts they get little recognition outside of the people in their own scouting room.

The Top 10 Quarterbacks in the NFL Today |
You would think that a neck-surgery-addled Manning wouldn’t be the same guy at the age of 36. But the former 1998 first round pick had one of his best seasons since entering the league as the No. 1 overall pick out of Tennessee, completing 400 of 583 passes (68.6 percent) for 4,659 yards with a 37:11 TD-to-INT ratio in 2012.

Photos of car crash involving former Steelers coach Bill Cowher - Behind the Steel Curtain
Former Steelers coach Bill Cowher and an unnamed female are uninjured after a two-car crash Sunday in Manhattan. An intrepid BTSC reader was on-hand and snapped a few photos of the wreck.

Chip Kelly "sanctioned" by NCAA for recruiting violations - Bleeding Green Nation
It turns out that Chip Kelly isn't that much like Pete Carroll after all. While Kelly did leave Oregon in the midst of an NCAA investigation, the slap on the wrist received by the team and coach today show that it was hardly anything to cause Kelly to escape to the NFL.

Cleveland Browns release rookie LB Ausar Walcott after arrest -
Ausar Walcott was charged with attempted murder and two other serious charges on Wednesday. Soon after the Patriots released Aaron Hernandez, the Browns made the same move for a lesser-known player.

Can Matt Schaub push the Houston Texans over the top? -
The Houston Texans have been to the AFC Divisional playoffs twice in the last two seasons, failing in each year to make it into the AFC Championship.

Improving health and relationships can push Steelers to the top -
The Pittsburgh Steelers suffered through a tough season by the team's usual standards last season. Pittsburgh finished 8-8, and missed the playoffs only two years removed from a Super Bowl appearance.

The Aaron Hernandez - Not Tim Tebow - News Section

What's next for the New England Patriots? -
The New England Patriots' release of Aaron Hernandez on Wednesday wasn't about football. But Bill Belichick and Co. will have a plan in place for how to replace him on the field, Chris Wesseling writes.

Aaron Hernandez charged with murder | ProFootballTalk
A stunning, surreal day has taken yet another stunning, surreal turn. Aaron Hernandez has been charged with the murder of Odin Lloyd. It's one of several charges filed today against Hernandez, arising directly from the June 17 discovery of Odin Lloyd's body less than a mile from Hernandez's ho...

Judge orders Aaron Hernandez to be held without bail | ProFootballTalk
After hearing in detail the evidence discovered during the investigation of the murder of Odin Lloyd, a judge has ordered that Aaron Hernandez be held without bail pending further proceedings.

So where are the other two guys who were with Hernandez? | ProFootballTalk
It's now clear that Aaron Hernandez faces murder charges. It's not clear who was with him that night, and where they now are. The presentation of evidence from prosecutor Bill McCauley at Wednesday's arraignment was confusing on at least one point: The whereabouts of the two men who allegedly...

A wedding could shield Hernandez’s fiancée from testifying | ProFootballTalk
The lengthy summary of evidence from prosecutor Bill McCauley on Thursday included an allegation that Aaron Hernandez's fiancée initially was cooperating with police. But then, per McCauley, Hernandez called and told her to stop talking to the police. She complied.

Appeal of decision to hold Hernandez without bail coming soon | ProFootballTalk
On Wednesday, a judge decided to hold Aaron Hernandez without bail pending further proceedings in his murder case. Those further proceedings could happen as soon as Thursday.

Pats likely will fight Hernandez for bonus money, guaranteed salary | ProFootballTalk
The Patriots' decision to cut tight end Aaron Hernandez makes it extremely difficult, if not impossible, for the team to recover any of the signing bonus paid to Hernandez last year and, in part, earlier this year.

Photo emerges of Hernandez posing with Glock in 2009 | ProFootballTalk
Many stories have emerged in recent days about Aaron Hernandez's history. A picture posted on TMZ earlier today arguably trumps them all. In the photo that, per TMZ, was taken in Gainesville, Florida in 2009, Hernandez stands in front of a mirror, phone in one hand and handgun in the other.

Ray Lewis initially was held without bail, too | ProFootballTalk
Earlier today, we pointed out a stark contrast between the way the Patriots handled tight end Aaron Hernandez and the way the Ravens handled linebacker Ray Lewis back in 2000. The Pats summarily dumped Hernandez; the Ravens rallied around and defended Ray.