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Denver Broncos News: Horse Tracks - 6/28/13

Gangbangers just operate on a different field of existence than the rest of society. Same with the members of the Ku Klux Klan. Reasoning with the unreasonable is akin to chopping your arm off to feed a hungry shark because the shark looked like it hadn't been fed in a few hours. Meaning, don't waste your time trying to understand the kind of logic used by those kinds of people. Aaron Hernandez, blood in, blood out...have fun in prison! In my court of public opinion anyway...

Aaron Hernandez a Bloods Gang Member? [Tattoos and Signs] | HEAVY
Tattoos, old photos, a history of violent crimes — could the Patriots tight end and accused murder be a member of the Connecticut Bloods?

Denver Broncos News & Blogs

2013 Denver Broncos: More Than Just One Player | Bronco Planet
No Dumervil? No Problem for the Broncos. Von Miller and Elvis Dumervil are brothers. They have been since Miller joined the Denver Broncos in 2011. No one could have ever imagined them being on separate teams because they were Batman and Robin, an unbreakable tandem.

Welker: 'We've Made a Lot of Progress' |
New Broncos wide receiver Wes Welker has quickly gotten on the same page with QB Peyton Manning and his fellow receivers.

Q&A With Quarterbacks Coach Greg Knapp |
Quarterbacks Coach Greg talks about his first offseason with the team, working with Peyton Manning and the development of the young QBs.

Position Preview: Quarterbacks |
View images of the Broncos' quarterbacks.

Training Camp Preview: Quarterbacks |
It's a little hard to believe now, but 12 months ago, there seemed to be as many questions about Peyton Manning as there are players in an offensive huddle. How strong will his arm be after multiple neck surgeries?

Broncos' Zac Dysert On Gruden's QB Camp - Predominantly Orange
The Denver Broncos are heading into training camp with four quarterbacks on the roster. Of course, there’s Peyton Manning and Brock Osweiler sitting in the "Plan A" and "Plan B" spots.

A Second Helping of Danny Trevathan against the Chargers - It's All Over, Fat Man!
Second-year Denver linebacker Danny Trevathan is hoping to continue and increase his repetitions with starter Wesley Woodyard on nickel downs.

Técnico de QBs (Greg Knapp) responde algumas perguntas «
Após os primeiros treinamentos do Denver Broncos, na preparação para a temporada 2013, o recém contratado técnico de quarterbacks, Greg Knapp, responde algumas perguntas sobre o novo desafio, os jovens quarterbacks e como é trabalhar com Peyton Manning.

NFL News & Blogs

Josh Brent back in jail after 2nd failed drug test -
The Cowboys nose tackle, awaiting trial for one count of intoxication manslaughter, is back behind bars after failing a drug test.

Jamaal Charles excited for Chiefs' use of pistol offense -
The Chiefs were at times a historically bad offense in 2012. Is a new scheme and a new quarterback enough to make them "explosive"? At least one player seems to think so.

Russell Wilson: What's in store for Seahawks QB in Year 2? -
Wilson took the NFL by storm in his rookie year. Will his second season be even better, or will the dreaded "sophomore slump" rear its head?

The most majestic Tim Tebow t-shirt -
Hey Warren, we just got this shipment of Tim Tebow shirts. They are beautiful. I think they're glowing. I'm so happy Tebow's on the Patriots. He's a winner. I can't stop crying for some reason. Anyway, what should I do with these?

Blood In; Blood Out

Ex-Patriot Hernandez denied bail in murder case - The Denver Post
FALL RIVER, Mass.—Former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez, charged with murder for what prosecutors say was the execution-style killing of a friend near his house, was denied bail on Thursday.

Ortiz admits possessing gun in North Attleboro on June 17 | ProFootballTalk
The fog of mystery surrounding the involvement, if any, of Carlos Ortiz in the events surrounding the death of Odin Lloyd gradually is lifting.According to FOX 25 in Boston, Ortiz has admitted to possessing a firearm in North Attleboro, Massachusetts on June 17, 2013.

Report: Impounded SUV was rented to Hernandez | ProFootballTalk
It's generally a bad sign for a pro athlete (or, really, anyone) when a murder case is referred to as the "other" murder case.For Aaron Hernandez, the "other" murder case arose today, and it seems to be moving fairly quickly.

Aaron Hernandez’s mom: "He will be cleared of all these charges" | ProFootballTalk
Things aren't looking good for Aaron Hernandez right now, but he does still have his mom in his corner. Terri Hernandez, Hernandez’s mother, told the Bristol Press in the family's hometown of Bristol, Connecticut that she is sure her son is innocent and will be exonerated in the murder of Odin ...

NFL won’t act on Hernandez until someone tries to sign him | ProFootballTalk
At at time when the authorities and the Patriots have taken stunning and decisive action against Aaron Hernandez, the National Football League has done nothing. The NFL will continue to do nothing, until it has a reason to do something.

Aaron Hernandez clears waivers | ProFootballTalk
On Wednesday, the New England Patriots announced that they no longer want Aaron Hernandez on the team. On Thursday, the other 31 NFL teams made it official that they don't want Hernandez either. Hernandez passed through the NFL's waiver system and went unclaimed.